Graduation Announcement Invitation Gifts

Deciding if Gifts are Required When Graduation Announcement Invitation is Received

There is always that uncertainty about graduation gifts – when to give them and when not to - at least according to proper graduation etiquette. Although the answer is straightforward and simple, most people fret over this dilemma with a lot of uncertainty and doubt. The short answer is that receiving a graduation announcement does not mean you should offer a graduating gift, and the same applies when you get a graduation invitation according the graduation etiquette at

However, having written that, in reality, most people who receive graduating announcements invitations do send graduate gifts to the proud grad. If you are the one sending the school graduate invitations, you should avoid mentioning gifts for graduations in your graduation wordings. Here are some useful suggestions and tips that might be beneficial to you.

High School Graduation Invitations Announcements

  *  Personalized school graduate announcements for graduation are for announcing the good news and, to many people's surprise, a gift is definitely not required. An announcement is simply the family's way of 'announcing' the news to the people in their circle. And, while a gift is not a requirement, it is certainly acceptable if you choose to send one. However, a congratulatory card offering best wishes is always appropriate to send in graduation invitations

  *  Since most people who receive an announcing card from graduates think they should send a gift, it is recommended that you limit sending them to only close relatives and those you or your child is in regular contact with. However, be very careful when using this approach as there could very well be some, not so close relatives or friends, who might be offended by being omitted from the list. Here are a couple of suggestions for assisting you with your decision:

  *  Ensure you or your child would recognize the person in the public. However, they should be sent to most family members, but for those non-family members, send to those individuals who your graduate knows. It is recommended that they should not be sent to someone who is known by the parents and not the graduate.

  *  Refer to your holiday greeting cards list, and if a person is not on it, then an announcement should not be sent to that person, as a general rule.

  *  If you know someone who will be graduating but didn't receive an announcement, you can still send a gift or congratulatory card. It's a good bet that the grad will be happily surprised and honored.

  *  Generally, your popular graduating announcements can be mailed either before or even after the graduation ceremony. Mailing them after the event seems to be the most popular time as it informs everyone that you have graduated rather than you are about to.

Before ending, a note to all the moms of the proud graduates. Regardless of whether your child is graduating from pre-k, kindergarten, homeschool, high school, nursing, or college, be glad you're the age you are, and your child is the age he is, so dry your tears. In a dozen years or so, you'll likely look back on these days and wish you could go back to that age and stage again.

College Graduation Announcements Invitations

Your child's graduation day, regardless of the milestone, is a very special and memorable occasion, so ensure it is made extra special for those close to you with the proper gift graduation wording etiqutte regardless of the graduating announcements or graduation invitations you send out.