Printed Graduation Thank You Note Cards for Graduate Milestones


Help With Your Graduation Thank You Note Cards Graduate Etiquette for Graduating Milestones

As graduation time approaches, grads can expect lots of gifts from family, friends, and other well-wishers, and naturally, each and every gift received should be sent a heartfelt thank you note. In our present technology based society we live in, many graduates might think it is appropriate to simply text, call, or even email to thank the gift givers for their kind gesture or gift, but this is simply untrue. There are no short cuts or alternatives to writing and sending a genuine expression of your gratitude and appreciation for the gift. And, this thank you graduation note card etiquette applies to graduation milestones at all levels, from preschool and kindergarten to the big guys graduating from high school, college, and advanced degrees, and all milestones in between. Many school websites like, have a large collection of unique thank you graduation wording samples and ideas for your exclusive use. A sampling of unique, stylish, and trendy thank you note cards for all type graduations follows.

Sample of School Graduation Thank You Note Cards for All Type Graduations

Little Tots Preschool & Kindergarten Graduation Thank You Cards

Kindergarten Preschool Graduation Thank You Cards and Graduating Announcements Invitations for Little Tots & Tykes

Wise Owl Graduation Thank You Cards and Announcement Invitation Wordings for Pre-K & Kindergarten

Stylish Thank You Graduation Cards, Announcements, & Invitations for 8th Grade, Middle, and Junior High School

Homeschool Graduation Class Thank You Note Cards and Announcements for Home Schooled Graduates

Scripted Thank You Cards, Announcements, & Invitations for High School Graduation

Thank You Law School Graduation Cards & New Lawyer Announcements Invitations

Medical School Graduation Thank You Card & Wording Samples and Ideas for Professional Graduates

Thank You Pharmacy Graduation Note Cards, Plus lots of Announcements & Invitations

Nursing School Graduation Thank You Cards, Announcements, & Invitations, Plus Pinning Ceremony Invites

Thank You Nurse IV Graduation Cards, Announcements, and Pinning Ceremony Invitation Wording Samples & Ideas

Nurse Pinning Ceremony Thank You Cards for Nursing School Graduation

Photo Graduation Cap Thank You Cards, Announcements, & Invitations for School Graduates

Wording Samples for Day Care Graduation Thank You Card, Announcements, & Invitations

Petite Photo Thank You Graduation Cards for All School Graduates

Both, before, during, and after your graduation commencement ceremony, you will likely receive monetary donations and a plethora of gifts in recognition of your celebrations and educational achievements and accomplishments. Convey your thanks and gratitude by preparing a hand written and custom thank you graduation note to all those who gave gifts. However, for those grads who have a large quantity, say in excess of 100, it is acceptable to allow Graduation Cards Shop to add a small preprinted thank you message on the inside of your thank yous. Your graduating thank you should be sent out within two to four weeks after the receipt of the gift or your commencement ceremony. However, ‘better late than never’ is certainly applicable if you are outside of this thank you card etiquette suggestion. After all, expressing your thanks is totally necessary to let the person know of your appreciation and gratitude, as well as to highlight your sense of etiquette as you advance into the next chapter of life.

As you are deciding on your thank you card theme or design, it is best to select one that complements and reflects your own unique personality. For example, choose an exciting and popular graduation design that coordinates and complements your graduation announcements, invitations, and party invitation cards and one that highlights your newly attained status as a recently graduated student heading into your next challenging milestone. Choices include customized graduation thank you cards that features your name, your monogrammed initials on the front, and school colors, to list just a few of the choices and options.

There are three basic elements to all thank you note cards for all type graduations that should be remembered when writing your note cards. Here are those parts:

  • Address the person who gave the gift – Dear Mrs. Daniel: Precede the person’s name with ‘Dear’ to show proper respect
  • Express your gratitude for the gift or gesture – While expressing your gratitude, be sure and include a personal note to the person receiving the card about your relationship and experience with them, in addition to mentioning the gift given to you and how it will be used.
  • Close by thanking the recipient again, such as ‘thanks again for the special gift’ and using the words, ‘Best regards’, ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Warm regards’.

New Graduation Announcements Middle School, Preschool, Kindergarten Designs


Create Your Exclusive Graduation Announcements and Invitations for Kindergarten, Preschool, 8th Grade, Middle & Junior High School

Since your child’s graduation is such a momentous and proud occasion for both the graduate and you, you will certainly want to ensure the school graduation announcements invitations for preschool, kindergarten, middle school, 8th grade, and junior high school, are as creative, unique, and personal as possible. With websites like, there are lots of ways to ensure your invitation announcement is totally beautiful and have the wordings say something personal about your little graduate. Your customizing should include a really creative design, appropriate graduation wordings, and ensure the color plays a big part of customizing your little tot, tyke, tween, or preteen graduation announcement invitation cards are what you want. Ideas for genuine colors include your graduate’s favorite or possible his school colors can contribute to ensuring it emphasizes your grad’s accomplishments toward reaching his educational milestones. Below, you will find the latest styles, trends, and attractive designs.

Just Added Creative Announcement Invitation Cards for Preschool, Kindergarten, 8th Grade, Middle School, & Junior High School Graduations

Little Tot Pre-K Graduation Announcements and Invitation Cards

Kindergarten Tyke Graduation Photo Announcements Invitations with Owl

Graduating Kindergarten Announcements and Invitations for Little Tyke

Graduation Eighth Grade Caps Galore Announcements and Invitation Cards

Wise Ole Owl 8th Grade Graduation Announcements and Invitations Cards

Graduation Colorful Hats for 8th Grade Announcements and Invitations

Colorful Graduation Hats Middle School Announcements Invitations Cards

Graduation Hats Galore Middle School Announcement Invitation Cards

Middle School Graduation Announcement & Invitation with Wise Ole Owl

Junior High School Wise Owl Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards

Graduation Announcement & Invitation for Junior High School With Hats Galore

Jr High School Graduation Colorful Hats Announcement and Invitation Cards

Little Tot Pre-K & Kindergarten Graduation Thank You Note Cards

Graduation Hat Photo Thank You Note Card for All School Graduates

Thank You Class of 2015 Graduation Note Cards for School Graduate

Another creative way to personalize kindergarten preschool announcements is to have a large banner across the top of the invitation announcement with the grad’s name displayed. Custom banners are customarily used to highlight type of educational accomplishment for this gigantic occasion in his life. If the school permits, you can add the school logo or crest to the middle school, 8th grade, or junior high school graduation invitation announcement to add even more personal features to your school graduating stationery.

For those guests who are invited to the actual commencement ceremony, graduation invitations should be sent. These invitation cards can be the same format as the school graduation announcements or they can be slightly different, thus ensuring they are different from all the other graduating classmates. Most schools have a limited number of guests allowed to attend. Accordingly, you will probably want to invite only family members and close friends. You will also want to consider having an open house party and create invitations for the open house celebration. Since most of the invited guests will bring gifts to the open house party, you will want to ensure you have adequate thank you school graduation note cards, for your graduate to write and send.

Class of 2015 College Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards


Find the Most Stylish and Popular College Graduation Class of 2015 Announcement Invitation Designs to Personalize

When your thoughts turn to your college class of 2015 graduation, one of the really exciting parts is the searching and customizing your graduation announcement invitation cards for college and university. Although there are some who devote less time and energy into this than others, they are really missing out on creating truly special and lasting memories with their class of 2015 college graduation announcements and invitations, and this very monumental occasion. As you begin your search, you will want to decide whether you want a college graduation announcement, for announcing that you will or have graduated, or a university college graduation invitation for inviting guests to your commencement ceremony. Once you decide on your theme, it should be incorporate in both the invite and announcing card, but be sure and change the wordings to add a bit of the graduate’s personality. Shop for all types of university and college graduation degrees such as:

architecture; physical therapy; criminal justice; pharmacy Rx; culinary; dental; x-ray technician; healthcare; lawyer & paralegal; legal & medical assistant; medical; nursing; ophthalmology & optometry; paramedic; phlebotomy; sonography; veterinary; and dozens more.

Sampling of College Class of 2015 Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards

Senior College Class of 2015 Graduation Announcements and Invitations

College Class of 2015 Chalkboard Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards

Classic Class of 2015 Graduation Invitation Announcement for College & University Graduates

Tossing Graduation Hats Class of 2015 College Announcements & Invitations

Flourish College Graduation Class of 215 Announcements Invitations with Cap

College Graduation Class of 2015 Invitations Announcements with Hat

Cap and Swirls College Invitation Announcement for Graduating Class of 2015

Watercolor College Class of 2015 Graduate Photo Invitations Announcements

Graduation Class of 2015 Hat Announcements and Invitations for College and University

Blue Graduation Announcements & Invitations with Caps Galore for College Class of 2015

Graduating Hats Class of 2015 Party Invitations for College Graduations

Graduation Hats Galore Maroon College Class of 2015 Invitations and Announcements

Heartfelt Thank You College Graduation Note Card for Class of 2015

College Class of 2015 Graduation Thank You Note Cards

Stylish Class of 2015 College Graduation Thank You Note Cards

And, for your words, sayings, and verses, don’t stop with just the essential details such as the name of the school, your specialized degree, and graduating date, time, and place. Consider adding other aspects of the graduate and event such as what he will be doing with his degree, often something few people think about. Simply put, there are really no rules regarding what graduation announcement invitation college graduation wordings should include, so try to create your own or customize an existing sample card a bit. Many of the better school graduating websites, like, offer lots of invitation announcement graduation wording samples and ideas for college university graduates, to use.

One really fantastic and popular trend is to add a graduating photo to ensure your college invitations and university announcements are totally personal. Add some character and with bold patterns, bright and vivid colors, varied typefaces, and multiple ways to display your photograph or picture to make your customized announcement and invitation cards truly special. Graduation announcements for college are special because you are sharing a special occasion and really celebrate through an enjoyable and very unique manner. Make the occasion special and something that will always be remembered for a lifetime.

Browse the collegiate collection for college notepads, university college invitations, university stampers, and stationery for university and collegiate graduates. With every thank you college graduation note, you write, your school pride will show. These custom and unique pads are not only useful but also portrays lots of school spirit. Also, display your university and college pride by selecting a graduation announcement or invitation with your school colors and mascot. Create your own stylish college announcements and invitations for graduation with your school colors or one that features your specialized degree like law or medicine. So, for those grads wanting to show their school spirit will find exactly what they are looking for by shopping on websites like Graduation Cards Shop.

Stylish High School Announcement Invitations for Graduation


Celebrating Your High School Graduation Milestone With Stylish Announcements and Invitations

Graduation is an important educational milestone that every parent is proud to have their child achieve. And, as such, you will certainly want to make this day special for the new graduate with stylish and trendy high school announcements and invitations for graduation, that really complements your grad’s personality. This is oh so easy at with our wide array of graduation designs ranging from modern to traditional. With our vivid and bright colors, bold patterns, varied typefaces, and multiple ways to display photos and pictures, you have dozens of ways to achieve this. Plus, you can add your own invitation announcement graduation wordings for high school, using the large collection of samples we provide. For a fun party to honor the special student, you’ll find a wide array of party invitations with multiple colors, styles, and designs. Whether it is a high school commencement announcement or ceremony invitation for your graduates, we have just the stationery card to match your style. Our vast library of free wording samples, ideas, and suggestions are there for your beckon and calling. With our fast processing, you will have your school announcements and invitations shipped the same day and receive them in no time. Find a few samples of graduation announcements and invitations below.

Graduation Announcement and Invitation Samples for High School Graduates

High School Sheer Style Announcements Invitations for Graduations

Class of 2015 Announcements & Invitations for High School Graduation

Graduation Photo Announcing Cards & Invites for High School Graduates

Graduation Hats Galore Invitations and Announcements for High Schoolers

Graduation Photo Deco High School Announcements and Invitations

High School Class of 2015 Graduation Invitations and Announcements

High School Senior Silver Announcement Invitation Cards

Graduation Post High School Announcing Card and Invite with Cap and Ivy

Graduation High School Green Stripe Announcements and Invitations for 2015

Graduation Caps Announcements & Invitations for High School Graduates

Photo Tassel Announcements Invitations for High School Graduation

High School Graduation Party Invitations with Graduate Hats and Diplomas

Tassel Thank You Note Card for High School Graduation

High School Graduation Cap & Tassel Thank You Note Cards

Class of 2015 Graduation High School Thank You Note Card

Lots of people today are creating designs that suit their graduate’s preferences and personality. You can customize your 2015 graduation invitations and announcements for high schoolers from our wide variety of unique designs. You’ll find lots of newly created designs for 2015 high school graduations, invites with photos for your graduation party, printed graduation cards, and graduation wordings, verses, and sayings. In today’s world, graduations are a year long event so the 2015 designs are applicable for the entire year.

Hosting a graduation party is an ideal way to honor your graduate and his educational achievements and accomplishments. Although these high schooler graduation parties are often times bittersweet as lifetime friends are often times going off to colleges in lots of different directions. Ensure your child’s graduation party is truly special with customized gradation party invitation cards at In the spring, usually the busiest graduation season, there is always a plethora of graduating parties so you will definitely want your soiree to stand out. So, to do this, personalize your party invites is such a manner as to ensure the invited guests are excited about your planned celebrations. And, don’t forget to order those matching graduation thank you high school graduation cards, to send to those who attended and gave a gift.

As you search for just the right design, you’ll find lots of fabulous and modern color combinations, ranging from: orange and blue; silver and green; gold and purple; and, of course, the always popular red, white and blue. If your daughter’s favorite color is hot pink, why not select a unique invitation announcement with a hot pink accent theme. Perhaps your son’s dog is really special to him so why not add a photo of him with his furry best friend. And, for all those who play sports, there’s no better way to highlight their passions than to showcase an appropriate picture of him decked out in his sports uniform. You can even add your own special announcement invitation wordings on the invitation announcement cards. It is truly an ideal way to save money without sacrificing quality or style.

Planning Home School Announcements for Homeschool Graduation


Planning Your Homeschool Graduation Commencement Announcements and Ceremony Invitations – So Much Fun

For those who choose to homeschool their child or children, you have some unique and extraordinary opportunities that are particularly applicable with the arrival of your homeschooled child’s high school graduation. A graduating commencement ceremony and high school graduation party for a home school graduate are often planned to reflect and include the personal and family values regardless of whether it is a small or large event. It is really common for home schools to be associated with a community home school group. One of the most significant benefits of such an organization is to combine all the students for their graduating ceremony and celebration parties. Your custom home school graduation announcements for commencements and graduating ceremony invitations at should set the tone, theme, and mood for the event, along with your matching thank you home school graduation note cards, And, all these are available at sites like along with the largest collection of invitation announcement wording samples and ideas for homeschooling graduations,

Sampling of Totally Unique and Inexpensive Announcement Invitation Cards for Home School Graduations

Graduation Cap Announcement Invitation Card for Homeschool Graduates

Your Class Year Home School Graduation Invitations Announcements for Homeschooled Graduates

Hanging Tassel Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards for Homeschooled Graduates

Graduation Hats Galore Homeschool Announcements and Invitations

Chalkboard Crest Photo Homeschool Invitation Announcement Cards

Red Tassel Graduation Announcement Invitation Card for Homeschooling Graduates

Chalkboard Homeschooling Announcement Graduation Invitation

Class Announcements for Home School Graduations

Homeschool Graduation Photo Announcement Invitation Card

Home School Celebration Announcement Invitation for Graduation Events

Custom Vintage Homeschooled Photo Graduation Invitation Announcement Cards

Graduation Ladder to Success Homeschool Announcement Invitation Cards

Home School Class Graduating Announcement Invitation Cards

Graduation Diplomas & Caps Announcements Invitations for Homeschool Graduates

Senior Graduation Announcements for Home Schooling Graduates

Graduation Party Time Thank You Homeschool Note Cards

Gradaution Paisley Hearts Homeschool Thank You Note Cards

Graduation Cap & Stars Thank You Note Cards for Homeschool Graduates

To Do List for Planning Your Home School Graduation

As you are thinking about and preparing your ‘to do’ graduating planning list, it if usually beneficial to group events according to time elements. For long-range plans, you will want to:

  • * selecting, customizing, and mailing your graduation homeschool announcement cards, invites, and matching thank you graduation note cards;
  • * personalized diploma for homeschooler, if not ordered with announcing cards;
  • * arrange for cap, tassel, and gown; and
  • * finalize your location for the ceremony and celebrations

Within four to six weeks of the ceremony, concentrate on these details:

  • * choose graduation gift of your graduate;
  • * decide on the décor for all the activities and events;
  • * order party and celebration supplies, all theme related; and
  • * mail the commencement announcements and ceremony invitations for home schooler graduation

As the date of the event gets closer, say within the last week, address these tasks:

  • * final check of your ‘to do’ list for accountability;
  • * verify the entertainment and / or music;
  • * confirm and verify the venue;
  • * last check on the food, drinks, and similar items;
  • * ensures fresh batteries for camcorder and camera; and
  • * one last review of any and all other tasks and functions

Ensuring Your Home Schoolers Graduating Commencement, Ceremony. and Celebration are Special

Regardless of whether you have planned a large more formal gathering or a simple and informal night out to dinner with a few friends and family, you’ll want to strive to ensure your homeschooler graduate feels appreciated during this special events. After all, this is his big day, so make it enjoyable, touching, and memorable.

If your school graduate is one of those who are really not into the ‘mushy and touchy stuff’, one really unusual and thoughtful idea is to write a caring and thoughtful letter to him to be read in private. Other possibilities include creating a special scrapbook type gathering with an inscription as a meaningful remembrance that he can keep forever and cherish forever. After all the celebrations and ceremonies are done, just be mindful that a home school graduation is a big and happy occasion, not just for the grad, but for the parents and guests also. So, the parents, family members, and guests will want to enjoy all of the activities and savor the events and moments.

Trendy Medical School Announcement Invitations for Graduation


Add Photo and Wordings to Your Medical School Graduation Announcements and Invitations

Grab your work tools, prescription pad and stethoscope graduate, as you’re definitely going to need them when you step into your brand new profession in the medical field industry. But, before that long anticipated day arrives, you’ll definitely want to find and personalize your medical school graduation commencement announcements and ceremony invitations. Your search should begin and end at, where you will find the most prestigious collection of medical school graduation announcements and invitations guaranteed to assist in marking the end to your long and arduous education. These totally creative and unique invitation and announcement designs are idea for embracing your medical achievement with a career in the world of medicine.

As you are shopping, their complete collection of medical announcing cards and invites are ideal for all specialties including, but not limited to: medical doctor; dentistry; veterinary; pharmacy; ophthalmology & optometry; physical therapy; phlebotomy; sonography; x-ray technician; paramedic; healthcare administration; medical assistant; and lots more. Find a sampling of the more popular invitation and announcement cards for medical graduations below.

Medical School Graduation Announcements Invitations for Med Graduates

Caduceus Graduation Announcements and Invitations for Med School Graduates

Caduceus Announcements Invitations for Medical School Graduations

Veterinary Assistant Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards Veterinarian DVM Announcements & Invitations for School Graduations Physical Therapy Graduation Announcements Invitations for Physical Therapist Graduates

DDS Dental School Graduation Announcements and Invitations for New Dentist Graduates

Ophthalmology School Announcement Invitation Cards for Ophthalmologist Graduates

Optometry Announcements Invitations for Optometrist School Graduations

Rx Pharmacy Graduation Announcement Invitation for Pharmacist Graduate

Pharmacy Rx Announcements and Invitations for Pharmacist School Graduations

Pharmacist Invitations and Announcements for Rx Pharmacy School Graduation

Premium School Graduation Announcements & Invitations for Medical School Graduates

Medical Sonograhy Invitations Announcements for Sonographist School Graduations

Medical School Premium Announcements Invitations for Med Graduates

Phlebotomy Invitations and Announcements for Phlebotomist School Graduations

Paramedic School Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards

X-Ray Technician Announcements Invitations for X-Ray Technology School Graduation

Medical Assistant Graduation Announcement and Invitation Cards for School Graduates

Med School Invitation Announcement Cards for Medical Assistant Graduates

Healthcare Announcements and Invitations for Health Care School Graduation

Send your family members, friends, and even your classmates a graduation announcement for med school or double up and invite them to celebrate this milestone with you by creating a graduation invitation. Select from med school graduation designs with the traditional caduceus symbol, stethoscope, lab coat doctor, and heart beat pattern invitation announcement creations. You’ll also find lots of sample photo med school graduation announcing cards that share a photograph of the happy graduate on his graduating day, or working in the medical field with his work tools. And, for customizing any of these specialty designs, you’ll find a large collection of complementing and unique graduation announcement invitation wordings samples and ideas for all medical school graduates.

Some career demands flow with time, but the need for a doctor of medical assistance will always be a necessary career. Your medical accomplishment indicates you have dedicated your life and career path to ensuring patients are healthy and helping others, all of which certainly does not go unnoticed. Celebrate and enjoy the completion of years of schooling, clinical work, studying, and projects to commemorate your graduation from medical school with this library of contemporary med school graduation announcements and medical school graduation announcements. Select your appropriate graduate commencement announcement to inform family, friends, neighbors, future clients, and even fellow classmates of your accreditation and commencement to begin networking as you journey into the healthcare world. To assist customizing, you’ll find specific medical field designs to your specialty including stethoscope motifs, heartbeat designs with heart monitor themes, and sophisticated caduceus symbols. You can mail your embellished graduate announcements from med school on the day of your graduation or afterwards.

And, for those celebration to honor the grad, choose from a variety of medical school graduation party invitations that feature pocket invite designs, modern invitation cards with lab coat and book invitations. You’ll also find a wide assortment of picture party invitations that feature your soiree details such as the traditional medical icon symbol and an appropriate photo of the graduate in cap and gown on his graduation day or desk out with medical coat working in the medical field. Your customized party invitation wordings can also include an announcement of the graduation commencement as well. Celebrate your respectful medical career choice and the commencement to your lifetime career with a totally unique and personalized graduation announcement and invitation for medical school.


Quality New Lawyer Announcements for Law School Graduations


Order Your Popular Law School Announcement Invitation Designs for New Lawyer Graduations

Some might say that by passing up an opportunity to customize your own unique law school graduation announcement cards would be a crime. So, to avoid getting the book thrown at you, you’ll definitely want to shop online with e-commerce sites like where you will find the largest and most popular collection of law school announcements and invitations for new lawyer graduation commencement and ceremony. These legal designs and themed invitation announcement cards include an ideal balance between refined elegance and bold statements. So select yours today, and behold the pillar of justice with style and uniqueness. Samples of these creative graduation designs for new lawyers are presented below.

Law School Justice Delayed Graduation Announcements and Invitations

Law School Scales of Justice Announcement Invitation Cards for Graduation

Scales of Justice Graduation Announcements for Law School Graduates

Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards for New Law School Graduation

New Law School Scales of Justice Announcements for Graduations

Lawyer Diploma for Law School Graduation Announcement and Invitation Cards



Graduate Commencement Announcements for New Lawyer with Scales of Justice

Photo Graduation Announcement Cards for Law School Graduates

Scales of Justice New Lawyer Graduation Announcements and Invitations

The road to this destination has been long with lots of challenges, and so it is well worth the accompanying celebrations when somebody close to you is approaching their graduation from law school. The graduate will have a bright future ahead of him, so it is definitely the right thing and time to pay tribute to all of the hard work that he have put into this process. It is definitely a time to ensure this party celebration is a classy themed gathering to honor all that he have accomplished.

One way to recognize the guest of honor is to feature a special signature cocktail, ensuring it something special and cool like a pomegranate martini. You will definitely want to let the guest of honor select his favorite foods along with a strolling appetizer buffet for a great addition. After all, it’s all about sophistication for this very special occasion. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add some creativity into the mix in the process.

Whether you are customizing your commencement announcements, ceremony invitations, or graduating party invites for your new law school graduate, you’ll find the most ideal and complementing graduation invitation announcement wording samples and ideas to use in assisting your personalization.

Free Medical Graduation Announcements and Veterinary Invitations


Personalize Your Graduation Announcements  for Medical and Veterinary School Graduates

Certainly, one of the mos significant educational achievements and accomplishments a graduate can attain is to satisfy the requirements for a medical degree, and so it’s definitely a time for shouting it to the world! Graduating from veterinary or medical school is no simple task so when somebody close to you achieves this feat, it is definitely time to create your own unique veterinary and medical school graduating announcements. And, for those family members and friends that are invited to your graduation ceremony, you can also customize those medical and veterinary graduate invitation cards and add your own graduation wordings.

medical school graduating announcement cards for grads

graduation ceremony invitations for medical school graduates

veterinary assistance graduation ceremony invitations

graduating announcements for veterinary assistance

medical arts announcements for school graduations

medical school graduation ceremony invitations



Find Popular Graduation Announcements and Open House Party Invitations


Creating Graduation Announcements for Ceremony, Party, and Open House Celebrations

For those planning an open house celebration or a full blown party blowout, you’ll find that graduation invitations includes a wide range of features, options, and designs that are guaranteed to meet your individual preferences. This includes those searching for invites with a vintage look or you favor creative designs with a more modern flair that are sure to suits your individual style. Additionally, the more popular school graduating stationery websites have party invite cards that beautifully capture the features of all the seasons as well. These include, the sunny and bright summer graduate announcements to richly colored fall invitations for graduation open house celebrations and parties. Plus, most of these same e-commerce sites offer a large collection of  graduation announcement and wording ideas and samples, all available with a simple click of your mouse.

Planning Your Open House Graduation Celebration

If you are hosting a graduation open house party, it is customary to invite most of all those with whom you are associated. Typically, this type event is held during afternoon, as opposed to the evening hours, and light food and refreshments are typically. Guests are free to come and go at any time during the hours of your open house, but typically your open house invitation should include a RSVP to get a fairly accurate count of those who will attend. And, while counting, remember that your invited guest will usually bring a friend with them. It is perfectly acceptable to insert your invitations to your open house party in with your graduation announcement, or you can certainly mail them separately. It’s your choice.

Graduation Parties are a Bit Different . . . .

Conversely, a graduation party is always by invitation only for family, friends, acquaintances, and other special guests. Typically, your party invites for graduates are mailed separately and not included with your graduating announcement cards. A party for your graduate is typically held at any time of the day or evening, and refreshments and perhaps even a meal can be served. Your party invites should clarify if a meal is planned or now, especially if it is held in the evening. And, like the open house invite, you will definitely want to include adequate RSVP information. If necessary, always enclose directions or a map to the party venue to ensure your invited guest can find the location.

Party RSVPs for Graduation Celebrations

However, a bit of caution about the RSVP. You don’t want to put too much faith in your RSVP, since for some unknown reason, even the most polite people nowadays seem to ignore this all important request. If your event requires a head count for, say a catered event, at some time during the response period you will want to take stock of those that you haven’t heard from, and start your follow up phone calls. But, remember, you really don’t want to be too blunt or abrupt with your inquiry about their attendance, so you might want to create another reason for calling. This way, it s so much less confrontational.

Stylish Invitations and Announcements for Graduate Open House Parties

So, as you are planning announcements, open house celebration, or exciting graduation party, throwing a spectacular soiree, search online for your most stylish, trendy, and popular school graduation stationery that is certain to kick off your party with plenty of pizzazz. And, regardless of whether you’re planning a small get-together with only your family members and close friends or a giant bash, there are lots of graduation open house party invitations and announcements that are ideally suited for your special occasion.

Find unique party and open house invitations and announcements at, and more helpful articles written by Sarah Porter for other websites, blogs, publications, and more.

Read About High School Graduation Ceremony Etiquette


Help Understanding Graduation Ceremony Etiquette for High School Graduates

One of the most acknowledged recognitions of a high school graduate’s achievements is his graduation ceremony, or commencement, as soon refer to it. At these commencements or ceremonies, a diploma is conferred or given to each graduating senior, while the speakers chosen for these special events often include alumni, community dignitaries, and fellow students. Typically, the class valedictorian, who is the graduating student with the highest grade point average (GPA) in the class, also usually speaks. Because of limited seating, most schools have to restrict attendance, so you will definitely need to check with your school to determine if there will be limitations on the number of guests you can invite to the ceremony.

Alternatives to Inviting Guests to the Commencement Ceremony

If your school is like most others, there will be strict limitations on the number of guest you can invite so you’re facing a dilemma about which of the many family members and friends you should invite. If so, you might try one or more of the helpful suggestions and tips:

*  explain to family members and friends that while you want them at graduating ceremony, you are allowed to invite only a limited guests; most will understand and might even volunteer to forego their ticket so someone else can attend

*  invite only one aunt or uncle from each side of the family; however, invites for grandparents are a must

*  after dwindling it down by the two suggestions above, you can come up with an objection solution, like drawing names out of a hat, that is fair to everyone

*  invite those who cannot attend your ceremony to your gradation party, where you can share your ceremony photos and videos to make them feel included

Minding Your Graduation Ceremony Etiquette

While there are some schools that actually embrace free spirited and lively graduation ceremonies, before breaking out the noisemakers, beach balls, and other crazy attention getters, you will want to consider these factors of ceremony etiquette suggestions:

*  Know the particular traditions of your school. For example, if your school’s graduation is more formal and somber, then you might want to avoid any whooping and hollering with polite applause.

*  In the majority of schools, the issuing of the diplomas is an orderly and quick process, so you’ll want to you show your pride and respect and don’t drown out the recognition of your fellow graduates.

*  For occasions like this, everyone full attention should be focused on the ceremony, so be sure and turn off your cell phone, including no texting during the entire ceremony. Most schools ask that you remain in your seat until the last graduate receives his diploma so that he feels properly acknowledged.

The Ever Popular Cap and Gown for Your Ceremony

As part of the traditional marching to the ‘Pomp and Circumstance‘ will mean wearing the school’s traditional graduation cap and gown, as this tradition dates back many centuries and was started in European universities of those times. Here’s how most school ask their graduates to wear their cap and gown during the ceremony.

*  The cap is worn parallel to the floor and flat on the head with the forward point of the cap centered on your forehead

*  The length of your graduation gown should fall halfway between your knee and ankle

*  Boys should remove their graduating caps while the National Anthem and the school song are being played

*  Tassels are normally worn on the right and transferred to the left side after a graduate receives his diploma

*  Boys should wear dark colored trousers with dress shirts and ties underneath their gowns

*  Girls should wear lightweight dresses or skirts with blouses that are above the length of the gowns

*  Jewelry and flowers should not be worn outside on the gown

*  The cap and gown can be accessorized in keeping with the traditions of your school

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