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Graduation Stationery for High School Invitations and College Announcements

Creative and popular graduation stationery is used not only to communicate with others but to announce the celebration of a graduate’s major academic achievements. Whether graduating from high school or from college, graduation announcements are the once-in-a-lifetime event. If you just want to let everyone know about a grad’s academic success, you can get attractive graduation invitations online to invite family and friends to the ceremony. You can also get amazingly beautiful graduation party invitations if you plan on hosting a party or reception after a graduate’s ceremony.

Graduate Announcement Stationary

Graduation Invitation Stationery

Graduation Stationery Wording

When you are choosing wordings, sayings, or verses for your invitation announcement stationary cards, you might want to pen a rough draft first. You can take a look at sample wording offered on many online websites and mimic the same style, or you can come up with something entirely your own and creative. You’ll want to include the graduate’s special accomplishments, as well as the name of the high school or college graduating from.

Graduation Announcements Stationery

Invitations for School Graduate Stationery

You’ll certainly want to include the name of the school or university that the student attended, and the date the ceremony. You can include the time of the event if you are sending invitation cards to the event or the reception afterwards. As you design your graduate invitation wording for your stationary cards, you can preview them before you actually place your order. The patented preview features enable you to see how your words looks on the invitations and announcements you choose long before you pay.

Addressing Graduation Invitations

Embellished graduation invitation cards should be properly addressed. While a graduation is a time of celebration, it is also a serious event demanding an equally serious approach to how you handle your stationary. Most sites will include Avon Crest matching white envelopes with your order. You can have the envelopes personalized with your return address so that you don’t have to write out your address on each envelope before mailing. However, you’ll need to pay close attention to ensure you carefully print recipient addresses on the front of every envelope. Be sure to write out the names in full.

Timing the Delivery of Graduation Announcements

When you are sending your graduation announcement cards to announce someone’s graduation, you may mail these either before or after the actual ceremony. However, it is better to mail these well in advance of the actual date of the event so the receipts will ample time to buy and send a gift. Announcements for graduation are usually sent to those not invited to the ceremony and to those who live too far away to attend.

Graduation Party Invitations: Little Extras Mean a Lot

When you are getting your graduation stationary ready for mailing, think about every detail. For instance, if you are sending invites to a grad party, you might want to include printed maps or clearly driving directions to the location of the party. Since there are often many school parties taking place that this time, you’ll want to get your invites in the mail as early as possible so your invited guests can make plans to attend your celebration.

You can get your graduation stationery online with same day printing and your proof within one hour by looking for those sites that offer these advantages.

Your Graduation Announcement Stationery Proof Within 1 Hour

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