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Find the Most Stylish and Popular College Graduation Class of 2015 Announcement Invitation Designs to Personalize

When your thoughts turn to your college class of 2015 graduation, one of the really exciting parts is the searching and customizing your graduation announcement invitation cards for college and university. Although there are some who devote less time and energy into this than others, they are really missing out on creating truly special and lasting memories with their class of 2015 college graduation announcements and invitations, and this very monumental occasion. As you begin your search, you will want to decide whether you want a college graduation announcement, for announcing that you will or have graduated, or a university college graduation invitation for inviting guests to your commencement ceremony. Once you decide on your theme, it should be incorporate in both the invite and announcing card, but be sure and change the wordings to add a bit of the graduate’s personality. Shop for all types of university and college graduation degrees such as:

architecture; physical therapy; criminal justice; pharmacy Rx; culinary; dental; x-ray technician; healthcare; lawyer & paralegal; legal & medical assistant; medical; nursing; ophthalmology & optometry; paramedic; phlebotomy; sonography; veterinary; and dozens more.

Sampling of College Class of 2015 Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards

Senior College Class of 2015 Graduation Announcements and Invitations

College Class of 2015 Chalkboard Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards

Classic Class of 2015 Graduation Invitation Announcement for College & University Graduates

Tossing Graduation Hats Class of 2015 College Announcements & Invitations

Flourish College Graduation Class of 215 Announcements Invitations with Cap

College Graduation Class of 2015 Invitations Announcements with Hat

Cap and Swirls College Invitation Announcement for Graduating Class of 2015

Watercolor College Class of 2015 Graduate Photo Invitations Announcements

Graduation Class of 2015 Hat Announcements and Invitations for College and University

Blue Graduation Announcements & Invitations with Caps Galore for College Class of 2015

Graduating Hats Class of 2015 Party Invitations for College Graduations

Graduation Hats Galore Maroon College Class of 2015 Invitations and Announcements

Heartfelt Thank You College Graduation Note Card for Class of 2015

College Class of 2015 Graduation Thank You Note Cards

Stylish Class of 2015 College Graduation Thank You Note Cards

And, for your words, sayings, and verses, don’t stop with just the essential details such as the name of the school, your specialized degree, and graduating date, time, and place. Consider adding other aspects of the graduate and event such as what he will be doing with his degree, often something few people think about. Simply put, there are really no rules regarding what graduation announcement invitation college graduation wordings should include, so try to create your own or customize an existing sample card a bit. Many of the better school graduating websites, like, offer lots of invitation announcement graduation wording samples and ideas for college university graduates, to use.

One really fantastic and popular trend is to add a graduating photo to ensure your college invitations and university announcements are totally personal. Add some character and with bold patterns, bright and vivid colors, varied typefaces, and multiple ways to display your photograph or picture to make your customized announcement and invitation cards truly special. Graduation announcements for college are special because you are sharing a special occasion and really celebrate through an enjoyable and very unique manner. Make the occasion special and something that will always be remembered for a lifetime.

Browse the collegiate collection for college notepads, university college invitations, university stampers, and stationery for university and collegiate graduates. With every thank you college graduation note, you write, your school pride will show. These custom and unique pads are not only useful but also portrays lots of school spirit. Also, display your university and college pride by selecting a graduation announcement or invitation with your school colors and mascot. Create your own stylish college announcements and invitations for graduation with your school colors or one that features your specialized degree like law or medicine. So, for those grads wanting to show their school spirit will find exactly what they are looking for by shopping on websites like Graduation Cards Shop.

College Graduation Party Planning


College Graduation Party Invitation Stationery with Personalized and Popular Designs

Every Spring, thousands of proud parents begin to plan a fun college graduation party for their graduates to celebrate this happy occasion. And, the organizing and planning starts with finding must the right custom graduating college party invites to send to all those you want to attend the celebration. After all their hard work, you want to ensure your embellishment of the graduate invitation announcement stationery cards complements the big occasion by highlighting the myriad successes and academically related achievements of your grad.

Party Congratulations Invites of University Graduation

College Graduating Party Congratulations Invite

Your College Graduation Party Invitations Delivery

University Graduation Party Celebration Invitation

Graduating College Celebration Invites

When you have a university student who will soon be graduating, you’ll definitely want to begin shopping for and ordering your party stationary cards early. After all, it’ll definitely take time to decide on the designs you like, how the embellishments reflect the personal characteristics of your grad, the invitation wordings, sayings, or verses you will use to invite guests, and the colors you like best. And, you’ll definitely want to allow sufficient time for delivering your college party invites. Because there never seems to be enough time for all the planning, you’ll want to shop with those websites that offer fast, same day printing and shipping, so you get your order as quickly as possible. Plus, some even offer free shipping.

Personally Satisfying Graduating College Party Invitation Stationary

Your chosen stationery for these type occasions should have the agenda of keeping your grad’s preferences and personality front and center. You’ll want to choose invitation cards that correlates with the persona of your graduate. All this can be done with just a few minor additions like adding personal graphics or a photo on any of the school creations on most websites, to make your invites one-of-a-kind, and guaranteed to be unique from all his classmates. While shopping, look for special promotions offered like 10 free cards, your proof within one hour, same day print and ship, free shipping, and lots more.

During your online shopping spree, you’re assured of finding the most creative and affordable college graduation party invites guaranteed to complement your celebration theme.

Express Graduating College Party Invitations Shipping Guaranteed

Most Creative University Graduation Announcement Designs


Personalizing Your University Graduation Announcement Cards for Your Graduate

Shopping for just the right creative university graduation announcement designs is one of the proudest times for parents. After all, can any day make you more proud than watching your son or daughter accept his university degree? Those moments are so important that you’ll want to share it with all of your friends and family members. But, when it comes to that special event in your son or daughter’s life, you need to find the perfect customized graduation university announcements, and that’s when shopping online is so important.

Announcements for University Graduates

University Graduation Announcement Cards

Using the online invitation announcement stationery cards websites, you’ll find the exact announcement cards for your grad’s special occasion. Not only will you get the most ideal and suitable graduate stationary, but these sites will help you keep more of your money while not being forced to send out something that looks cheap. These shoppes offer creative, popular, and exclusive designs that aren’t available anywhere else online or at retail stores. Their unique features are eye-catching and affordable, and they are only part of what makes shopping online the right choice for your graduate announcing card needs.

Embellishing Your University Graduation Announcement for Your Special Graduate

Because this day is so important and meaningful to your family, it is perfectly understandable that you also want the graduation announcements to be very special, too. That’s why many websites offer you the option of adding a photo or school logo to any of their announcing cards displayed on their site. Nothing gives your announcement stationary a creative twist like adding your photos or other images.

It is becoming very popular to add your own announcement wording to your card, which is why a few websites offer special features that enable you to add your wordings, other features, like ink color, fonts, and type style, and then preview your work in real time, instantly. For assistance with your colorful wording ideas, sayings, and verses, most sites offer a lot of sample pages you can access, free of charge. But, of course, you can always choose your own original wordings, sayings, and verses if you prefer.

Announcement Wordings for University Graduate

Graduation University Announcement Wording

Getting Free School Graduate Announcement Cards

Who doesn’t love saving money, which is one of the goals of your e-commerce sites? That’s why some offer 10 free cards with every order. Imagine not having to buy those extra cards for those people you originally forgot to add on your mailing list. Additionally, you’ll find sites with all their cards discounted from their already low everyday prices. And, there are even more promotions offered like free shipping, your proof within one hour, and same day printing and shipping. They know times are difficult for lots of people, and you shouldn’t have to invest your entire celebration budget into your stationery purchase. That’s why they want to give you affordable choices without sacrificing the quality of your cards.

Risk Free Graduation University Announcements

When it comes to your happiness as their customers, it’s the mission of many websites to do whatever it takes. They want to prevent you from excitedly opening your card shipment only to be disappointed with what you find. Before they send your printed stationery announcements, they’ll eagerly send you a proof by email, always within one hour after receiving your completed order. Your proof is set up by professional artists and shows what your finished graduating announcement cards are going to look like. Then, if you are totally satisfied with what you see, they will print and ship your order the same day for faster delivery.

Or, if you want any changes, regardless of how large or small, they will make those changes, and you can continue making changes until you are totally satisfied. Additionally, as you are personalizing your cards, you were able to instantly preview it so you will have a good idea how it will look before even receiving your proof. After all said and done, these websites just want you to feel confident that you’ll be totally thrilled with your order.

When you’re searching for just the right discounted university graduation announcement stationery, you don’t need to look beyond those e-commerce websites since they offer the selection, affordability, and customization options you’ll appreciate and love.

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Discounted College Graduation Announcement Designs


Selecting Your College Graduation Announcement Type Style

Unique and popular college graduation announcement designs are available in lots of styles and patterns. But, did you know that the typestyle you choose can create the tone and mood of your graduate announcements stationery cards too? Trendy graduation university announcements, when received, leave a lasting impression on the person who receives them. At a glance, the type style on your school stationary cards triggers emotional cues in the reader of your hand picked announcing stationery. As you are browsing the better e-commerce sites, you’ll find that lots of them have a couple of dozen different typestyles you can use when ordering, each lending a slightly different impression to your graduation announcements.

Graduation College Announcement

College Graduation Announcements

College Graduation Announcement – Choosing Creative Typestyles

You’ll want to check out the variety of creative designs available online. If you choose a humorous theme, then you want your font style to be fun and light, and you can use fonts like Standout, Scribble, and Curlz. If you want your stationery to have a classic style or elegant tone, you might choose something like University Roman, Santa’s Sleighfull, or Coronet. Whatever you decide, make sure the font complements your announcement’s embellishments.

University Graduation Announcements

Graduation University Announcement

School Graduate Announcements – More Typestyle Recommendations

With such a variety and large quantity of type styles, you can easily match it to your personality, which will give a personalized dimension to your college announcing cards. If you have a vibrant and bold personality, you can use bold and brassy fonts like Britannic Bold, Herald, Allegro, or Signboard. Alternatively, if you have an eye for the fanciful, fonts like Cloister Black or Storybook can express your fondness of for all things enchanting too.

Ordering Your Graduation University Announcements Online

As you probably know, ordering online from the comfort of your home or office is exploding in popularity, and most websites are well prepared for your business. However, as you shoppe, you’ll want to take your time and look at an assortment of the high quality school announcement cards available with most e-commerce sites. Click on the card you think you want to more about and see all the details. If you want to customize the university announcement wording, there is a clearly identified box where you simply add your own words. After selecting the font, ink color, and typestyle you want, you can preview your custom card in real time.

As you are reviewing the variety of different typestyle options for your discounted college graduation announcement, you’ll certainly want to consider the readability of the font you pick. Some are so cute and extreme that they are difficult to read.

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Personalize Your Graduation University Announcements and Then Instantly Preview Before You Pay

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Embellishing Your University Graduation Announcements and College Graduate Invitations


 College Graduation Announcements For College and University Graduates

Selecting your college graduation announcements is a process that many people don’t look forward to. This is primarily because the grads want to be totally satisfied with their university graduation invitations stationery. We all know the significance of graduating, and the grads that should be honored in every way, right down to the creative graduation invitations announcement stationery cards.

Graduation Spotlight College Invitation Cards
Graduation Spotlight College Invitation Cards
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University Graduation Border Invitation Cards
University Graduation Border Invitation Cards
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Graduation Diploma College Announcement
Graduation Diploma College Announcement
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University Graduation Announcement Fold Card
University Graduation Announcement Fold Card
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College Graduation Announcement for Scales of Justice
College Graduation Announcement for Scales of Justice
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University Graduation Cajun Announcements
University Graduation Cajun Announcements
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For a variety of reasons, you’ll certainly want to rely on a trusted and popular company as you shop for stationery. And, with you’ve definitely found your trusted website, as we place your complete satisfaction as their highest priority and mission.

Unique College Graduation Invitations Guaranteed to Impress


Popular College Graduation Invitations and Announcement Wording Samples

Announcement wording and the phrases one uses on college graduate invitations differs greatly, which is because invites and university graduation announcements serve two different purposes. While both an invite and an announcing card share information and they are a form of communication, the invitation extends an actual invite, while an announcement simply states that something has already happened or it is about to occur.

Graduate Announcements for University

Invitations for College Graduation

Getting the right words down on paper is not as troubling as one might first think – with a few hints you can develop appropriate wording for all your stationery.

College Graduation Invitations and Wording Formality

When preparing grad invites, it’s important to use clear, concise wording and you’ll want to choose a font style that is easy on the eyes, but also attractive. As you formulate the words you will use, remember to consider the formality of the event, since this will shape the wording you end up using. If you are only having a party list consisting of close family and friends you can be a bit casual with your words, but if you are having a formal get together, the wording should also be formal. On a formal invite you might use words like “Mr. and Mrs. John A. Doe cordially invite you to attend a graduation celebration…,” but on a casual invite you can use words like “you’re invited to a graduation party…,” which gives your wording a softer, more welcoming tone.

Wording University Graduation Announcements

College Graduation Invitation Cards

University Graduate Announcement

Announcing stationery will definitely host wording that differs from the wording you use on an invitation – this is because you are merely announcing the big event, but you are not extending an invite to the person receiving the announcing card. You can use a bit of ornate or elaborate language on announcing cards like, “We are overjoyed by the recent graduation of our son/daughter…,” or “We are delighted to share our pride as our son/daughter graduates.”  You should also make mention of any special academic achievements your child has – for instance, if the grad is graduating “Summa cum laude,” it’s an achievement worth mentioning.

As you are browsing the various websites with your favorite school stationery, you will find that most sites have an entire section for sample wordings, sayings and verses designed to assist you. You may use their samples verbatim, use part their ideas and your ideas, or you can go with you very own words. Regardless, your creative wording ideas will certainly ensure you stationary is totally your own.

College graduation invitations and announcing cards, when perfectly worded, will get your message and information across clearly and respectfully.

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Express University Graduation Announcements Shipping

Graduation Announcements College at


Graduation Announcements College for Announcing Your New School Graduates

When it comes to choosing just the right custom Graduation Announcements College, most people prefer to limit their time searching for just the right one. After all, during these times, you have far too many other things to plan for. However, that doesn’t mean you should settle for the overpriced, boring and stale graduate stationery offered through your school.

The generic looking School Graduation Announcement will be used by all of your fellow grads and that means yours would look just like hundreds or thousands of others. Is that what you really want after spending four or more years to reach this goal? Of course not, so that’s why using the various e-commerce sites is the preferred way to shop.

Graduate College Announcement

Graduation Announcements College

Shipping Creative Graduation Announcements College

Now, if you’re like most people you might be tempted to sacrifice quality and uniqueness just so you can have your school stationary cards in your hand in plenty of time for mailing. Well, you don’t have to worry about this when your buy from those websites, like GraduationCardsShop, that offer same day print and ship while purchasing your College Graduation Announcement stationery. These online sites are the ONLY customized card businesses offering quick turn around times on ALL orders.

With this express printing and shipping, you can be confident that once you approve for printing, your announcing cards will be prepared and shipped to you the same day. Since a few sites provide FREE shipping to customers who spend a minimum amount on their stationery, you can even get this fast shipping for FREE. How’s that for a great deal? You’ll spend less and get your order fast. You won’t find these services at your local retail store.

Unique Graduation Announcement Wording Decisions

If you go to all the bother of selecting a truly special invite for your graduate, you don’t want to stop with just the stylish design. Why not add your own creative Wording for Graduation Announcements? Now, everyone realizes that most people get a bit nervous when faced with choosing just the right announcement wordings for their stationery, which is why the better websites have assembled a gigantic and FREE database of wording ideas, verses and sayings you can rely on for assisting you with the content of your card.

Additionally, you can choose to make more tweaks, such as changing the font or ink color on the card to further enhance your message. Once you make those changes and decide on the Graduation Announcement Wording, then it’s time to place your order. And, amazingly, within ONE hour a few websites will send you a proof of your announcing card for approval. At that time, you can make further changes if you’d like, but rest assured no printing will be done until you are 100% satisfied with your proof.

Amazing University Graduation Announcements

A frequent question many shoppers ask is what happens if they find a design that catches their eye but still isn’t exactly what they had in mind. NO Problem! Just give them a call and give them your ideas. After all, these websites don’t want you to go somewhere else where you will only be disappointed by a lackluster selection of Graduation University Announcements. Most shoppes will change ANY of the card designs on their website to fit your needs. This enables you to benefit from all the other advantages and still get the exact Graduation Announcements College you’ve always wanted. It’s the perfect situation.

When it gets right down to finding the most ideal and customized Graduation Announcements College for your needs, just turn on you computer, and you are well on your way.

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Graduation Invitation Wording, Graduation Sayings and Graduation Wording for School Graduates!


Graduation Wording, Graduation Sayings & Graduation Invitation Wording!

GraduationCardsShop >> Graduation Wording

With a graduation celebration, the family wants to share the goods news with as many people as possible. At the same time, parents or other family members may be a bit nervous about handling the Graduation Wording, on the graduation announcements because so many people will see them. To help, Graduation Cards Shop, has put together a free database of Wordings Graduation, and Graduation Saying that can be accessed by customers. The Graduate Wording examples of Graduation Invitations Wording make completing the cards much easier.

Choosing Graduation Wordings

When it comes to the wording graduation announcement or invitation, the most important thing is simplicity. The message doesn’t need to be overwhelming since the recipient needs to focus on the details. Graduate wording should include information about where the student attended and any accomplishments he/she received while in attendance. For example, the unique Graduation Wording might mention that the student was a member of the National Honor Society or was a member of the varsity football team.

Picking Sayings Graduation

Although the wording can be challenging, selecting a graduation saying might even be more challenging. Adding accomplishments and school details is fairly straightforward but adding other prose can be harder. Cute Sayings Graduation, might include something like “Join us to celebrate this special day” or “We are all so proud to announce . . . ” Using these types of school graduate sayings is common.

Coping with Graduation Invitation Wording

Parents, friends or other family members who want to throw a party for the graduate may also need to worry about wording graduation invitation cards. This type of wording doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead, the Invitation Graduation Wording should keep things short and simple: the location and time of the party, the purpose of the party and any other party details, such as whether it is going to be a surprise. But Wording Graduation Invitation Ideas, can be found in the database, too.

Helping with Graduation Announcement Wording

The biggest difference with wording graduation announcement stationery and other types of cards for the occasion is the Announcement Graduation Wording does not need to mention the location of the ceremony or party. The Wording Graduation Announcement, merely tells recipients about the good news. However, gifts might still be mailed to the graduate thanks to the stationery.

Preparing Graduation Party Invitation Wording

Family members or friends who host the party should be careful about wording graduation party invitation cards. They need to be sure to include all of the necessary information, possibly even a map to the location. Invitations party wordings graduation should include the party’s theme, too. The party host also needs to include Wording Graduation Party Invitation, that alerts the guests if they need to bring anything to the event.

Getting College Graduation Wording Ready

With Wording College Graduation, senders usually take even more care to mention the location of the school since it could be a big deal to recipients. Wording high school graduation stationery should focus on how proud the family feels and the student’s specific accomplishments. School graduation sayings, such as a school motto, could also be added to the card to make it more special.

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Thank You Graduation Cards and Graduation Thank You Cards For School Graduate!


Graduation Thank You Cards & FREE Thank You Graduation Cards!

GraduationCardsShop >> Graduation Thank You Cards

Although a graduation is an excellent reason for celebrating, no celebration can be complete without the Graduation Thank You Stationery, Graduation Thank You Cards, should be purchased along with the Graduation Announcements or other Graduation Invitations. With Thank You Graduation Cards, students will have no reason not to let their guests know how much they appreciated their gifts or even their presence at this special event. Purchasing Graduate Thank You from Graduation Cards Shop, also gives customers access to a database of ideas for Graduation Thank You Wording, sayings, verses, and more.

Why Graduation Thank Yous?

Any time a person receives a gift after completing their education, a custom Graduation Thank You message needs to be mailed to the giver. That graduate thank you message should always be written by the recipient no matter how reluctant they are to put forth the effort. After all, graduation thank yous are not always the most exciting way for a young person to spend their time.

Picking Thank You Graduation Cards

When purchasing FREE Graduation Thank You Cards, the best idea is to shop at the same time the other stationery is purchased. That means the graduation thank you card chosen can even match the rest of the stationery if the buyer chooses. But more importantly it means the graduate thank you cards will arrive in plenty of time so they will be available when they are needed.

Sending Thank You Graduation Notes

As with any signs of appreciation, certain etiquette rules apply. Custom Graduation Thank You Notes, should be mailed around two weeks following the event. Waiting a bit longer may not be considered rude by everyone but could certainly end up offending some relatives if the delay in sending a graduation thank you note. By having the graduate thank you notes on hand right away, sending them can be done much faster.

Worrying about Graduation Thank You Cards Wording

Another issue is the graduation thank you wording. Anyone concerned about what to say in the card can benefit from accessing the wording graduation thank yous database available to customers of Graduation Cards Shop. The database makes finding the appropriate graduation thank you card wording much easier. And that takes a lot of stress off the family members and the student sending the messages.

Picking Graduation Thank You Cards Saying

The truth is that graduation thank you sayings should not cause much stress anyway. The Graduation Thank You Cards Sayings, typically include a few common elements, including a mention of the item that was received and an expression of appreciation for that item. Following that basic outline can help prepare any thank you graduation cards saying but may not be useful for the pre-printed message on the stationery.

Writing Graduation Thank You Cards Verse

Those pre-printed messages that are more like graduation thank you verses should be kept simple. The Graduation Thank You Cards Verses, can be found in the database at the Graduation Cards Shop site. These messages used as a unique graduate thankyou card verse help make the cards even more personalized and unique.

College & University Graduation Announcements High School Graduation Invitations
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FREE Invitations Graduation Parties and Graduation Party Invitations for All School Graduates!


Graduation Party Invitations & FREE Invitations Graduation Parties!

GraduationCardsShop >> Graduation Party

Celebrating a Graduation Party, is a wonderful experience for friends and family. And all of those good times start when the Graduation Party Invitations, are put in the mail. One idea for parents who want to have great festivities that are easy to manage is to throw a Party Graduation get-to-gather or Graduation Open House, Parents who choose that option may be want to consider getting FREE Invitations Graduation Parties Stationery, so they can cut down on their costs.

The Graduation Party

When a student finishes one part of their education that is an excellent reason to send out graduation party invitations. Friends and family members can enjoy the festivities with you. But first the party host has to choose the appropriate invitations graduation parties. One solution is to purchase printable graduation party invitation cards through an online vendor such as Graduation Cards Shop,

Putting Together Parties Graduation

Celebrating a graduation can be done in many ways. With Graduation Parties high school, for example, the event will probably be exclusively for the graduate and his/her friends. On the other hand, cheap college party graduation might involve more of the family and closer friends. The important thing with invitations high school graduation party is to choose something that matches the personality of the graduate.

Graduation Invitations Party Selection

Picking High School Graduation Party Invitations should be done along with the help of the student. Parents should get input from their child before picking the school stationery. With College Graduation Party Invites, most students won’t mind if their parents make the choice, as long as the choice is appropriate for their age and for the tone of the school graduate party. However, parents are always going to be responsible for selecting the Graduation Party Invitation Wording,

The Excitement of the Graduation Open House

A new type of celebration that is gaining in popularity involves sending out graduation open house invitations. With this type of celebration, party events are not set in stone. Instead, the invitations open house graduation simply lists a start time for the festivities and people can then come and go as they please. With open house graduation invitations, the event is going to be casual and relaxed.

Throwing a High School Graduation Party

When putting together a celebration for teenagers, the important thing is to nail down the cool factor with the Graduation Party High School Invitations, Besides just capturing the essence of being cool, graduation high school party invitations should also let the recipients know what to expect in terms of entertainment and theme. Furthermore, an effective party graduation high school invitation should make the receivers excited about coming to the party.

Choosing the College Graduation Party

Teenagers aren’t the only ones who like school graduate parties. For the university graduate, Graduation Party College Invitations, can be a bit more subdued and formal. However, some graduates might like a different style of graduation college party invite. That’s why parents should choose Graduation Cards Shop so they can find the Personalized Graduation Party Invitations, for their son or daughter.

College & University Graduation Announcements High School Graduation Invitations
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