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Help Understanding Graduation Ceremony Etiquette for High School Graduates

One of the most acknowledged recognitions of a high school graduate’s achievements is his graduation ceremony, or commencement, as soon refer to it. At these commencements or ceremonies, a diploma is conferred or given to each graduating senior, while the speakers chosen for these special events often include alumni, community dignitaries, and fellow students. Typically, the class valedictorian, who is the graduating student with the highest grade point average (GPA) in the class, also usually speaks. Because of limited seating, most schools have to restrict attendance, so you will definitely need to check with your school to determine if there will be limitations on the number of guests you can invite to the ceremony.

Alternatives to Inviting Guests to the Commencement Ceremony

If your school is like most others, there will be strict limitations on the number of guest you can invite so you’re facing a dilemma about which of the many family members and friends you should invite. If so, you might try one or more of the helpful suggestions and tips:

*  explain to family members and friends that while you want them at graduating ceremony, you are allowed to invite only a limited guests; most will understand and might even volunteer to forego their ticket so someone else can attend

*  invite only one aunt or uncle from each side of the family; however, invites for grandparents are a must

*  after dwindling it down by the two suggestions above, you can come up with an objection solution, like drawing names out of a hat, that is fair to everyone

*  invite those who cannot attend your ceremony to your gradation party, where you can share your ceremony photos and videos to make them feel included

Minding Your Graduation Ceremony Etiquette

While there are some schools that actually embrace free spirited and lively graduation ceremonies, before breaking out the noisemakers, beach balls, and other crazy attention getters, you will want to consider these factors of ceremony etiquette suggestions:

*  Know the particular traditions of your school. For example, if your school’s graduation is more formal and somber, then you might want to avoid any whooping and hollering with polite applause.

*  In the majority of schools, the issuing of the diplomas is an orderly and quick process, so you’ll want to you show your pride and respect and don’t drown out the recognition of your fellow graduates.

*  For occasions like this, everyone full attention should be focused on the ceremony, so be sure and turn off your cell phone, including no texting during the entire ceremony. Most schools ask that you remain in your seat until the last graduate receives his diploma so that he feels properly acknowledged.

The Ever Popular Cap and Gown for Your Ceremony

As part of the traditional marching to the ‘Pomp and Circumstance‘ will mean wearing the school’s traditional graduation cap and gown, as this tradition dates back many centuries and was started in European universities of those times. Here’s how most school ask their graduates to wear their cap and gown during the ceremony.

*  The cap is worn parallel to the floor and flat on the head with the forward point of the cap centered on your forehead

*  The length of your graduation gown should fall halfway between your knee and ankle

*  Boys should remove their graduating caps while the National Anthem and the school song are being played

*  Tassels are normally worn on the right and transferred to the left side after a graduate receives his diploma

*  Boys should wear dark colored trousers with dress shirts and ties underneath their gowns

*  Girls should wear lightweight dresses or skirts with blouses that are above the length of the gowns

*  Jewelry and flowers should not be worn outside on the gown

*  The cap and gown can be accessorized in keeping with the traditions of your school

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Answers to All Your Graduation Announcement Etiquette Questions


Review Graduation Announcement Etiquette Before Sending Your Graduating Announcements

school graduation announcement cards

graduating announcement cards

With the vast types of schools, all with graduating ceremonies and acknowledgements, the graduation seasons are now year long events, meaning there is not beginning nor ending. However, with each educational facility’s program planning, there are invariably appropriate ceremonies, celebrations, parties, and gift giving. And, while these academics milestone achievements are a big part of celebrating these accomplishments, it speaks volumes if the graduates are also introduced to the proper graduation etiquette and protocol for these big events and occasions.

Graduation Etiquette Should Begin with Preschool Graduations

There is a noticeable difference between grads who seem to have been introduced to some degree of the graduating etiquette as compared to those who are really out to lunch, so to speak. Introducing the graduates to the proper protocol beginning in pre-k and kindergarten will make it easier as they advance through the graduating educational milestones they are facing. It will help prepare them as they know the significance and importance and will definitely give them the confidence they will need in dealing socially with these situations. With all the celebrations associated with graduations, come etiquette guidelines that should be followed to ensure everything proceeds properly and no feelings get hurt. From those who should be invited to appropriate gifts, etiquette should play a significant role in the process.

Graduation Announcements and Graduating Invitations Etiquette – Who Gets What

announcement wordings for graduation

wording ideas for graduating announcements

school graduate etiquette

etiquette for school graduations

Although there are lots of people who assume announcing cards and invites are the same, there are major differences between the two. Simply stated, a graduating announcement should include all the graduation details while the graduation invitation is an invite to the actual ceremony, celebration, and / or party. Schools quite often allocate graduates a limited number of tickets to their ceremony, which might even restrict the attendance of some family members and friends. For these limited seating, the grads should ensure the immediate family, including grandparents, are invited.

Sending Announcements for Graduations After the Ceremony

The etiquette pros recommend that the school announcements for graduation should be sent out after the ceremony has taken place to all friends and family members who they would like to know about this accomplishment, irregardless of whether they have been in close contact recently or not. While preparing this list, you should remember that it’s not a list where you prune or sort people on or off the list. In fact, it is really more of an inclusive list as opposed to an exclusive list.

How to Send Your Graduate Announcing Cards

graduate thank you cards

thank you graduating cards

With the modern and popular mass email mailing programs available, it might be tempting to conduct a mass announcement email campaign. However, graduates should totally avoid this mode even if they have an extensive number of cousins or tech-savvy relatives. You should always be respectful to those receiving them and send a personalized and printed announcement for graduating. After all, if you sent your announcing cards via email, it would tend to ‘take the polish off the apple’. It’s an important milestone in your life so it definitely deserves and merits more than an e-mail.

Live Long Etiquette Skills Begin with Preschool and Continue

It is so true that the skills learned in the school classrooms are extremely helpful with future jobs, and the people skills that you know and use are the ones that will actually get you the job. So you might want to remember that etiquette will make your life happier, because it involves behavior with other people, and people and relationships are what drive our lives. And, it all starts with graduation etiquette since there are so many occasions for its use.

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Find Etiquette for Graduation Announcements at GraduationCardsShop


Ensuring Your Etiquette for Graduation Announcements if Spot On!

Graduation Announcements

Graduate Announcement Cards

When you are announcing a graduation to your close friends and family members, you’ll certainly want to use the correct etiquette for graduation announcements. These graduating etiquette details apply to all graduating milestones, from the pre-k, kindergarten, 8th grade, homeschool, high school, nursing, college, vocational and technical schools, to list just a few. As you are creating your own popular graduation announcement, it will be helpful to understand the purpose of these, who to send them to, understanding the invitation vs. announcement, when to send them out, and ensuring your graduate announcement wordings includes all the necessary details.

Suggestions for Creating Your Customized Graduation Announcement Cards

Graduate Invitations

Graduate Invitation Cards

Your stylish graduation announcements should reflect your own unique personality, so you definitely don’t want to pass on the embellishment and wording creations to anyone else, including your parents. So, you should plan to do it yourself. After all, it is often said that few types of stationery is more pleasant than a graduating announcing card prepared and customized by you. But, as you are doing this, be sure and be mindful of the correct etiquette while sending out your graduate announcements.

Understanding the Purpose of a Graduating Announcement

Etiquette for Graduation

Graduation Etiquette

First and foremost, an announcement for graduation is not an invitation to attend your ceremony or the graduating party. It is merely a way of informing all the significant people in your life know about this all important day in your life. For those who you want to extend an invitations to your ceremony, you’ll need to prepare stylish graduation invitations and send out separately. The same applies to your school graduate party; separate invites should be prepared and send to only those who you want to attend.

Who Should Be Send an Announcement of Your Graduation

Before getting started, you’ll need to decide on the number of people you want to inform of your approaching graduation. Should it be just the immediate family members and close friends, or everyone you can think of? Although there are lots of people who think that a graduation announcement is an indirect request for a gift, so you’ll certainly want to avoid this perception. Although it is not recommended, many people will include words to the effect of, ‘No Gifts, Please’ or similar wordings. However, even for those who do add this phrase, you’ll still receive a few gifts. And, for those who do send a graduating gift, be sure and have lots of thank you graduation note cards on hand for expressing your gratitude and appreciation.

Deciding Who to Include in Your Graduating Invitation vs. Announcement List

Since the seating and admission at a ceremony are usually limited, you’ll need to decide whom you want to invite to the actual ceremony. Once this decision have been made, just prepare your creative graduation invitations, using the same themed graduating stationery as your announcing cards, and send them out to those on your list. And, since your after ceremony party has even more limited capacity, it is not necessary to invite all those who attended your ceremony to your graduation party. However, this might be a good opportunity to make amends to those who you could not invite to your ceremony by inviting them to your party afterwards.

When to Send Out Your Graduate Announcements

As discussed previously, there are lots of differences between an invitation and an announcement. For invitations to the ceremony or your party, they should be mailed out three to four weeks in advance of the event date. But, for the announcing cards, you can send them out anytime, either before or after you have graduated.

One of the many reasons for announcing your graduation is to inform your friends and family about the next phase of your life you will be entering. By including all the details in your school graduating announcement wordings and involving them in your plans, you also make them feel special enough to be told about your achievements and accomplishments. By following these recommended etiquette for graduation announcements suggestions, you’re are likely to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, and ensuring that all those shares in your happiness in a positive way.

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School Graduation Etiquette for Graduates


Graduation Etiquette for School Graduate Stationery!

Lots of people wonder just what graduation etiquette consists of and how it applies to school graduations. When you think of graduation announcement etiquette, there are a few applicable guidelines that people use to ensure that they are conforming to the personalized invitation announcement stationery cards. You want printable announcements to be meaningful, easy to understand, tasteful, and demonstrate respect for the recipient.

Diploma and Cap Homeschool Graduate Announcements

If you complete your order and approve your emailed proof by 2:00 pm, some websites will print and ship your order the same day. This will enable you to abide by acceptable graduation etiquette guidelines for timely deliveries

Understanding Graduation Invitation Etiquette



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