Ensure Ceremony Type for Homeschool Fits Announcements

Planning Your Homeschool Graduation Ceremony Invitations Announcements

It’s finally graduation time for your homeschooled graduate, so it’s time to start the planning for the ceremony and celebrations. One of your first decisions will be whether to have a large and impressive ceremony where your grad will be one of many among a sea of home school students in caps and gowns. Or, another alternative is something much smaller with only family members and very close friends, or something in between. But, regardless of the type graduating ceremony, you will definitely want to send customized graduation announcements for your homeschool graduate, and you will find the largest collection at educational stationery websites such as GraduationCardsShop.com

Announcement Card Designs for 2017 HomeSchool Graduates



Home School Graduating Cap Announcements



Grad Glitz Flip It Home School Graduation Announcement Invitation

Graduating Flip It HomeSchool Graduation Announcements




HomeSchooling Class Graduation Announcements


Graduating Ceremony Serves as Kind of a Closure

One of the many purposes of graduation ceremony is to bring closure to the years of home education in an acknowledged and acceptable way; sort of like a symbolic ‘closure‘ that should be as personal as the styles and motives of education.

Home School Invitations for Graduating Ceremony



Homeschooler Graduation Ladder Ceremony Invitation Cards



Confetti Grad Flip It Home School Graduation Invitation Announcement

Graduate 2 Sided Flip It HomeSchool Graduation Photo Invitations




Graduation Hats Homeschooling Ceremony Invitations


Consider a Home Schooling Support Group for Graduating Ceremony and Events

A group graduation, especially coordinated with a local educational support group where the grads can meet on a regular basis throughout their school days, can be a satisfying, helpful, and fun. Some of these homeschooling groups offer extra circular activates including sports that enables your student to participate with his peers.

Graduation Wording Samples for Homeschooled Graduation



Homeschooler Graduating Stars Wording for Announcements Invitations



Great Pattern Photo Graduation Home School Invitation

Photo Graduation Home School Wording Samples




Hats Announcement Wordings for HomeSchool Graduates


Diplomas, Cap and Gown, Tassel, and Announcements Invitations

There will be lots of graduating items needs for a graduation, including: school diplomas, caps / hats, gowns, tassels, and, of course the latest styles, trends, and popular invitations and announcements for homeschool graduations, all of which are available in abundance at websites such as GraduationCardsShop.com. By shopping at GraduationCardsShop, each family can order their own, personalized announcements, ceremony invitations, diploma, cap and gown to match the other graduates and theme, and enjoy gigantic quantity discounts.

Party Invitations for Homeschool Open House Celebrations



HomeSchool Hats Off Graduation Party Invitation Cards



Banner Grad Graduation Party Invitation Kraft

Homeschooler Graduation Party Open House Invitations




Graduate Open House Party Invitation for Home School


Graduating Ceremony to Recognize Graduate’s Achievements and Accomplishments

Homeschooling with faith based congregation offers excellent opportunities for your senior to participate in a ceremony and be recognized for his achievements and educational accomplishments. If church you attend has a private school, consider asking if homeschooled grads from the congregation can be included in their ceremony. The parents of the grad can present their own diploma.

Thank You Home Schooler Graduation Note Cards



Graduation Class Thank You Notes



Graduation Thank You Assortment Pack

Graduation Thank You Assortment Pack




Thank You Graduation Reflections Card


Consider Baccalaureate Services Offered by Local Churches

Some religious groups and churches hold a baccalaureate service for all local graduates. Some encourage the grads to wear their cap and gown to a regular church service and have them all recognized. This enables graduates who do not have a ceremony to wear the traditional cap and gown to such a service.

Thank You Card Wording Samples for Home Schooling Notes



Thank You Home School Graduation Note Card Wordings



Graduation Appreciation Thank You Card

Graduation Appreciation Homeschool Thank You Card Wording Samples




HomeSchooled Graduate Thank You Card Wording Ideas


Large or Small – Graduating Ceremony are Important

Philosophically, the ‘pomp and circumstance‘ of traditional ceremonies, to some parents, might feel like an imitation of a failed educational system that they have chosen to leave behind. However, even these recognize the value of recognizing and marking this significant milestone in some way. After all, acknowledgement that their student is given a diploma, either from an umbrella school or from their own home school is foremost.

Etiquette Suggestions for Home School Graduation



Etiquette for Home School Graduation Announcements Invitations



Boho Grad Flip It HomeSchool Graduation Announcement Invitation

Photo HomeSchool Graduation Announcement Invitation Etiquette




HomeSchooled Graduate Congratulation Announcement Etiquette


More Details for Home School Graduating Ceremony and Announcements on Pinterest

Read the latest trends, styles, and creations for ceremonies, celebrations, announcements, and invitations on Pinterest at these popular homeschooling boards:

Read More About Graduating From Homeschool



Blue Hats HomeSchool Graduation Announcement Details



Cap and Wreath HomeSchool Invitation Kraft

Cap and Wreath HomeSchool Invitations Details for Graduations




Homeschooling Cap Graduation Details for Announcements Invitations


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