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Graduation Diploma, Graduation Etiquette and Graduation Ring

You’ve mostly likely heard a Graduation Diploma, being referred to as a “sheepskin,” what you may not know is the practice of using sheepskin did not end a long time ago, as some thin, it’s something that some colleges still use and for others, ended about five decades ago. The history of diplomas is a detailed one, some myths or misconceptions about them still exist.

The word “diploma” comes from Greek and Latin for “folded paper” and it started with governments. Roman soldiers were given diplomas back as far as 52 AD to show they were honorably discharged from the Roman army and were exempt from poll taxes. Many don’t realize that today’s sheepskin is called “parchment”.

Many of the colleges in the United States that switched from parchment to paper, did so in the 1950’s when the cost and quality of the parchment paper was stated as reason to switch to paper. The rolling of a diploma also started to end at this point, creating the new Graduation Etiquette, of diplomas in leather folders. Ask if your graduate’s diploma is on parchment or on paper, the answer may surprise you.

Ring for School Graduation

The Graduation Ring, has it’s formal graduation ties to the first graduating class from the United States Military Academy at West Point back in the year 1835. The practice of rings, especially signet rings goes back much farther to the times of BC when signatures were not common but seals were crafted for the more well off and royalty. Some royalty were unable to write, hence the guarding of a signet seal ring so stringent.

In the wrong hands, orders could be given miles away without knowledge. Many find the history of the graduation accessories a fun topic to explore, for some it adds to the special occasion of receiving their Graduate Diploma to know the history and tales of lore behind it, to know how many before them followed the same traditions. Some prefer to make their own new traditions, and others make use of the old and the new. That is how all of these traditions began, from rings to the graduation diploma with one person that others followed.

Simple steps for proper Graduation Etiquette

There are many different rules and standards when it comes to graduation etiquette, we personally turn to the experts like Emily Post. One myth that is still out there is related to gift giving. You are not required to send a gift when you receive a College University Graduation Announcement, or party invitation. You can send a gift if you are not attending, but it is completely up to you. Post suggests a note card acknowledging the academic milestone is appropriate.

If you have a great number of graduations pending, having your own personalized graduation congratulation cards is one way of being prepared and stylish. Another often debated topic is who to invite to the ceremony when there is limited seating. Grandparents or other close family members who may be traveling in from out of town should get first preference, you can also check with each educational facility, some do offer extra tickets.

If for some reason you do have extra tickets, offering them to your graduate’s friends or to the school so that larger families have the ability to attend is a nice gesture and is considered proper graduation procedure.

Surprise them with a Graduation Ring

Ordering a graduation ring as a surprise for your student if they have not already purchased a class ring is a popular suggestion. The difficult task could be proper sizing, if your graduate lives at home, it’s fairly simple to borrow a ring you know fits them and use it to measure the ring size with them being none the wiser. If they don’t live at home, you may be able to enlist the help of a roommate or friend, all that is required is string or some other easy method to get the inside diameter of their ring size. If you have to order a ring online, it can take a bit longer during certain times of the year, so this is not a last minute gift idea.

A last minute gift idea could be another type of jewelry piece, such as a pin, necklace or cuff links (yes, cuff links are back in style.) This could be with the logo of the college or a sorority/fraternity. As they move forward in life, they’ll meet others who went to the same college or belonged to a similar group, with the ring being an identifier more often than a Graduation Diploma, which is why signet rings became popular when it comes to organizations. The ring is still a tradition, the secret handshakes, not so often.

What to do with that Graduation Diploma!

The ceremony has ended and you’ve celebrated, thanked your guests and family and are ready to start on a career path, what do with that graduation diploma? If you have office space, you may opt to frame your diploma on a wall however, it is strongly recommended that you consider having your diploma professionally framed and matted, so that should you need to remove it, you’ll not discover it won’t separate from the glass.

One piece of advice is to photocopy your diploma before you have it framed and make several copies. Place one copy in a safe location, like a safety deposit box or fire proof box. That way should you need a copy later for a resume package or if you are joining a professional organization that requires proof of your degree? It’s a breeze because you are prepared. With some of the technology that exists now when it comes to making color copies, you could copy your original diploma and either store the original, or hang it in more than one place.

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