Graduation Interesting Facts, Graduation Time to Remember and Graduation Special Features

Graduation Time to Remember

Graduation Special Features

Graduation Interesting Facts, Graduation Time to Remember and Graduation Special Features

Many of the graduation traditions that make up the Graduation Interesting Facts, go back to the times of the Greeks and Romans, and extended to the traditions adopted by colleges in Britain. They were brought to the United States when we were a young colony. Regardless of which traditions a graduate embraces, a Graduation time to Remember, is one thing still shared from then to now.

Some universities and high schools have a different color for male graduates than the female graduates. The traditional colors of graduation gowns are black, white and blue, though the trim and other decorations can change depending on the school and the level of degree. Some schools opt for all of the graduates to wear the same color, but colleges generally prescribed the color of robe with the color variations being on the degree that is being earned.

The color Gold for tassels was originally exclusive to the doctorate graduate, but there are schools, primarily high schools, that use gold. The standards set when it comes to colors for colleges is established, but there is no nationalized governing board when it comes to high schools or most other school graduations.

Graduation Time to Remember!

When you are looking for that Time to Remember Graduation Moment, you want the perfect graduation experience for yourself or your graduate. Many online websites know the academic costume standards, so if you want to be precise when it comes to sharing those Interesting Graduation Facts with your guests, you won’t see lemon when you really needed yellow gold to represent your theme to go with a science degree.

The original creation of colors came from differentiating the different educational levels of degrees. But now, each school has its own school colors, which, at times, when it’s a university you can see from the early days of what that university specialized in when it was first created.

Online shoppes make it their business to know Interesting Graduation Facts, since they help create the commencement experience. Their design teams know the differences in styles and trends and ensures their products reflect these. The historical use of gowns stems back to the early days when robes were worn in government and worn daily as a school uniform.

The colors, tassels and hats were used to separate the different university students. You may not wear a black and gold cape trimmed with velvet as you walk down the aisle to get your diploma, but a black velvet inspired theme may be what you do want. You can easily share your knowledge of the use of the color and material as a way to chat with guests or just smile and keep it to yourself as the theme you select is called non-traditional.

Interesting Graduation Gowns Details

Even the length of the graduation gown has a tradition stemming from each level of education having it’s own standard. For a bachelor’s degree, the length is mid-calf length to ankle-length, the sleeve of the master’s gown is different. It’s oblong. Doctoral robes are usually black, except for those who have earned their doctorate in philosophy, and they are traditionally garbed in dark blue velvet robes. Which, before times of air conditioning, might have been a test of their faith. It may also inspire you to have a blue velvet graduation, Elvis not required.

If you are a graduate attending the same high school or university that other family members have attended, the pressure to follow tradition as a part of a graduation time to remember for family members may be difficult depending on what you have in mind. Your grandfather may have worn that black gown with gold trim as a part of his graduation garb that someone has their heart set on you wearing. While the wearing of color may extend back to the early days of your family history, it may or may not be something you want to wear and depending on what course of study you selected, it may not be appropriate.

Graduation Special Features,

Researching these interesting graduation facts can give you the explanation to avoid breaking a larger tradition or to keep it. There are some standards you do want to follow, such as making sure you have your tassel on the right side of the hat, though some students do sometimes make their own graduation statement.

Certain traditions and graduation interesting facts should be followed, such as men removing their hats while the national anthem, the pledge of allegiance and a religious invocation are being performed. Women are exempt from the hat removal during these ceremonies, probably in part because of hair pins or bobby pins to keep the hats squarely on their heads instead of titled back.

One of the Special Graduation Features is the diploma, which has a rich history going back to the times of Cleopatra when soldiers were given a diploma made of animal skin to show that they given a good portion of their lives in military service to the emperor and were exempt from paying poll axes. It’s still called a “sheepskin” by many even though most universities quit using the animal based paper known as parchment and started using paper in the fifties.

It wasn’t just sheep that were used! Cows and goats also were used for document material before paper became easy to produce. Diploma comes from the term “folded paper” since that is how the original papers were handled, either folded or rolled. This applied for Roman soldiers as well as for the governmental documents with the early adopting of the signet ring used as a seal typically with wax.

Since most people during that time period did not make use of a written signature, the seal was carefully guarded since that was the one way to tell if something was official. Popes and kings often had the seal destroyed after they died so no edicts were given before a new power came into place. Flash forward to today, and these are just a few of the many graduation interesting facts that surround commencement.

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