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Graduation Etiquette for Graduate Invitations and Announcements Stationery

Graduation Etiquette offers guidelines for all your questions regarding details like who should receive a graduation announcement? When and how many thank you cards need to be ordered and sent out? This is just a small sampling of the inquires about graduation announcement etiquette. Thankfully, the answers are not so difficult to find. You’ll find lots of tips on most of the key questions and topics, including some regarding graduation gift etiquette and graduation invitation etiquette.

Applying Good Graduation Etiquette

All the details are not set in concrete about sending details of the ceremony, but graduation invitations etiquette suggest that you may want to include all the important details of the event. For instance, if identification is required for entering the event, this should be included. One big graduation gifts etiquette no – no is that you should never mention presents in any of your stationery, except, of course, your thank you cards.

School Graduate Etiquette

Graduation Etiquette

Understanding Differences in Graduation Announcement Etiquette

Before you get started with mailing your announcing cards, you should review and follow the suggested graduate announcements etiquette. One of the key elements suggests you send them to everyone who will not be invited of the actual ceremony for space restrictions or whatever reason. But, an announcement may serve a dual purpose as an invite also, and if it is, it should be mailed to everyone on your list of invitees. If this is the case, then you should only include details in the announcement about the time and dates for the ceremony for the individuals you will directly invite to reduce any possible misunderstandings.

Understanding Proper Graduation Invitation Etiquette

Although not a major element, you’ll need to figure out how many of the invites and announcing cards to order. You don’t want to order too many, but too few is far worse! Therefore, you’ll want to be mindful that grad invites etiquette suggests who should receive them, but lots of those people are going to be in couples or families so they don’t need an individual invite stationery. Instead, send the invitation cards to these people as a small group. For example, a family should receive a single invite (although they may need individual tickets or passes to the ceremony). Any children in that family over the age of 18 should receive their own.

Reviewing Good High School Graduation Etiquette

All high school grads make their families beam with pride, and a celebration for them is usually in order. Comprehending high school grad manners, suggests not mailing invites to close friends. These guys are usually already aware of graduation, and many are probably actually participants of the ceremony. No gifts or presents should mentions anywhere on the cards, unless you want to request, “no gifts, please”. Plus, some school, along with all the parents, asks that the grad mail his thank you cards by themselves to show their appreciation for attendance and/or a gift, if one is given.

Applying College Graduation Etiquette

All students who are completing college may want to follow a different approach. College invitation etiquette allows students to do their own stationery sending on their own or they can seek the help of their parents. At this point in their life, students should have a good idea of who is significant enough in their lives to receive the invitations. And, university announcements work in a similar way. The difference between announcements and invitations is the same for both high school and college, except for universities tickets are more likely to be limited for the event. With university grads, most students should still not anticipate gifts, although some are likely to be given.

Appreciating Graduation Party Etiquette

What about the RSVP cards? These are more likely to be included with graduation parties than any other occasion and should include the RSVP with stamp, phone number, and in today’s world, your email address to reply to. Your cards should include a ‘reply by’ date to ensure you can do your final planning. Your graduate party invites should state that no alcohol will be served or allowed at the celebration if all in attendance is younger than 18 years of age. Otherwise, this could turn out to be detrimental to everyone and could cause legal action to be taken. Follow all guidelines of the graduation etiquette suggestions.

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