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Celebrating Law School Graduation with Stylish 2016 Announcement Invitation Designs

The road has been long and difficult, so it is well worth the celebrating when you or somebody you know is about to graduate from law school. Without a doubt, these graduates will have a bright future ahead of them, so you will want to take the time and effort to pay tribute to all of that hard work that was put into the process. As you are shopping for just the right law school graduation announcement for announcing your graduation or new lawyer graduate invitations for inviting your guest to the graduating ceremony, you will definitely want the latest and most creative 2016 school of law announcement invitation designs.

That’s why websites, like, maintain only the most current and unique stationery designs to personalize with your own wordings and even a photo. Some websites even maintains a gigantic database of only the latest and most relative announcement invitation wording samples for your new law school graduation.

sample law school 2016 graduation announcement invitation designs for new lawyer graduating ceremony for paralegal, legal assistant and more graduates below

Exclusive New Law School Graduation Announcements and Law School Ceremony Invitation Designs for 2016


NEW LAWYER Graduation Anouncement Invitation Cards with Scales of Justice

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Graduation Law School AnnouncementS INVITATIONS

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PARALEGAL Scales of Justice Graduating Announcement Invite CARDs

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Premium Law School Graduation Announcement Invitation Card Designs for 2016 Graduates

Class Colors Paralegal Announcement Blue

Class Colors legal AnnouncementS WITH Blue

$179.30 Per 25

Grad Type New Attorney Announcement Kraft

Grad New Attorney FLAT Announcement CARD

$81.30 Per 25

Before and After Photo Graduation Law School Invitation

Before and After LAW SCHOOL Photo Graduation ANNOUNCEMENTS

$140.00 Per 25

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While planning and organizing your law school graduate’s ceremony and celebrations, here are some useful keywords: law school, new lawyer, juris doctor (J.D.), master of law (L.L.M.), school of law, paralegal, new law school, new attorney, school for paralegal, and legal assistant, to list just a few.

And, for even more of the latest announcement and invitation designs for new law school graduates, check out these Pinterest Boards:

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Amazing Law School Graduation Announcements Invitations


Customize Your New Lawyer Graduation Invitations & Law School Graduate Announcements

When attending law school, your life is often a balancing act, but law school students usually figure it out rather quickly and eventually graduate. At websites like, you will find a gigantic collection of totally unique and professional of law school graduation announcements and new lawyer invitations that can be customized to highlight such a vital part in your career in which you will brace yourself to enter the legal profession to serve justice. This, you as a new lawyer, has always dreamed about.

We invite you to celebrate your graduation from law school with a graduate announcement that showcases your knowledge, sophistication, and class. You may choose from contemporary and classic graduation announcements invitations for law school that feature a gavel, the scale of justice, law books, graduating caps, lawyers in formal business attire, and so many more themes and designs. Highlight your new career with a new lawyer announcement card to inform family and friends that you will certainly be taking a ‘bite out of crime‘ with your law school education, and the road to a wonderful career ahead.

view variety of discounted, professional, and unique announcements and invitation card design samples for law school graduation

New Lawyer School – Law School Announcements and Invitations for Graduations

Law School Announcement Invitation for New Lawyer Graduation with Feather

New Lawyer Graduation Announcements and Invitations for Law School

Scales of Justice Law School Announcements Invitations for New Lawyer Graduations

and, find entire collection of specialty graduation announcement invitation cards for law school graduates by clicking the link above

It is believed that most law students have sort of a special knack for viewing the world in a way that most others do not. You’ll want to embark your journey into the legal world of law and celebrate your graduation from law school with a collection of sophisticated law school graduation invitations and announcements for new lawyers. Joyfully announce your accreditation to family members, friends, and future clients with a trendy, chic or stylish new lawyer announcements and law school graduation invitations that embellishes features your school colors or a symbolic law school design with the scale of justice, law school books, or a gavel used by judges. At, you’ll find graduate invitations for law school that come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs.

Consider adding a photograph of the graduating new lawyer with a digital photo law school graduation announcement invitation cards. This photo graduation card will capture a moment of the graduate fighting crime or posing on the graduation day. And, remember that you can double your graduation law school invitation as an graduating announcement as well, so that all of your acquaintances receive the great news of your law school achievements, in addition to your invitation to your graduation ceremony celebration.

You can mail your law school graduation announcements before graduation, on the day you graduate, or slightly after graduating. Be sure and show how passionate you are about your new legal career and accreditation with the vast library of law school graduation invitations and announcements for new lawyer graduates that will highlight your upcoming fight against crime.

Find these remarkable law school announcements and invitations for new lawyer graduation, professional wording ideas and samples for law school graduation announcement invitation at

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