Cooking Culinary School Graduation 2016 Announcement Invitation


2016 Invitations and Announcement Designs for Culinary Cooking School Graduation

Nowadays, a culinary cooking school degree is much more than just a means than working as a line cook in a restaurant. Although this opportunity is certain a possibility and probability for lots graduates since it is where their interests lie, a cooking culinary degree from a reputable culinary new chef school provides a large array of opportunities for working environments and careers. New chef graduating from cooking school are no longer limited to seeking employment with restaurants as their only option, since now they can use their culinary accomplishments and graduation degree all over the world. Grads will want to announce their cooking culinary school graduation with these 2016 new cooking chef announcements or invite their guests to the cooking culinary school graduating ceremony with these creative 2016 invitations designs. And, rely on these graduation announcement invitation wording samples and ides for culinary cooking school to assist you.

samples of the new chef 2016 school graduation announcements and invitations cards for new cooking and culinary school graduations

Culinary School Tasty Samples Graduation Announcements

Graduation New Chef Culinary Cooking School Announcement

Mixer Chef Spoon Culinary Graduation Announcement Invitation

New Chef Cooking Culinary School Graduation Announcements Invitations

New Chef Announcements for Culinary Cooking School Graduates

Graduation Cooking Culinary New Chef School Announcements

New Chef Coat Graduation Announcements Invitations for Culinary Cooking School

Chef Jacket Graduation Announcements for Cooking Culinary School

and, for the entire collection of 2016 announcement invitation cards for cooking new chef culinary school graduation, CLICK HERE

All 2016 graduating designs for announcement and invitation cards are ideal for any type graduate including, culinary cooking school, cooking culinary school, culinary school, cooking school, new chef and much, much more.

And, find lots more, visit School for New Chefs Boards, Culinary School Pinterest, and Cooking School Graduates found on,, and Boards.

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New Dental School Graduation 2016 Announcement Invitation


Discounted Orthodontics, Endodontist, Dental School Announcements and Invitations

These creative and exclusive 2016 announcement and invitation graduation designs for new dental school graduates will totally brush everyone up about your tremendous accomplishment. Personalizing any of these original, popular, and totally artistic dental school graduate announcements invitations cards will ensure your family and friends will know you have graduated. These dynamic orthodontic, endodontist, and orthodontist graduation announcements are something you can really sink your teeth into. Plus, with each of these dynamic designs, you will find lots of dentistry and dental assistant school announcements invitations wording samples to guide you. So smile and confidently show off those pearly whites as you customize and order your invitations and announcement cards for graduation.

View a sampling of the new dentist 2016 graduation announcement invitation cards for dental school and dental assistant graduates

Dental Assistant Hygienist School Graduation Announcements

New Dentist Coat Announcements Invitations for Graduation

Dentistry Emblem Graduation Announcement for New Dentist

Dental Assistant Announcement Invitation for Graduation

Dental Assistant Graduation Announcements Invitations

Dental School D.D.S. Caduceus Graduation Announcement

Dental Hygienist Graduation Announcements Invitations

Dental Hygienist Announcements Invitations for Graduation

and, for the entire collection of announcement invitation cards for endodontist, endodontist, and orthodontics graduations, CLICK HERE

These total inspiring and original graduating designs are ideal for: D.D.S., dental school, new dentist, orthodontics, endodontist, orthodontist, dental assistant school, dental assistant, dental hygienist, dental medical school, dental school, dentist, dentist assistant, dentist, dentistry school, school of dentistry, to list just a few.

And, find lots more, visit Dentistry Dental Assistant Medical School Pinterest, New Dentist Graduate Boards for Orthodontist and Orthodontics Graduations found on,, and Boards.

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2016 Pharmacy Graduation Announcements Invitations Designs


Customize Your 2016 Stylish Announcement and Invitation Cards for Pharmacy Graduation

For the school of pharmacy graduates who want customize invitations to invite guests to their graduation ceremony or celebrations or send announcements that they are graduating, these totally unique 2016 new pharmacy announcement and invitation cards creative and unique designs will be a welcome sight. Graduates will no longer need to search the world-wide-web to find creative and trendy pharmacy school invitation announcement designs to personalize with your own graduation words. With a simple click of their mouse, graduates can find the most current designs and images to complement their theme that suits a grad’s fancy. Plus, there is a large collection of pharmacist wording samples, new pharmacy saying ideas, and pharmacy school verse suggestions available for exclusive use.

take a gander at some sample 2016 new pharmacist graduation announcements and invitations for pharmacy school graduates

Announcement and Invitation for New Pharmacy Graduate

New Rx Pharmacist Graduation Announcements

Pharmacist Rx Recipe Graduate Announcement Invitation

Pharmacy School Rx Graduation Invitation Announcement

New Pharmacist Rx Graduation Announcement Cards

New Rx Pharmacist Graduation Recipe Announcements

and, for more announcements and invitations for school of pharmacy graduations, CLICK HERE

To actively work as a certified pharmacist, you will need to register with the country and state where you will be working. For most states, the new pharmacist graduate will need to have satisfactorily completed a minimum number of hours work and experience as a pharmacy supervised by registered pharmacists. For countries, the administer will administrator an oral and written examination to the pharmacist before the registration. If the jurisdiction is a state or province, the examination will usually be administered by a national examining board.

And, find more creative designs on these Pharmacy School Pinterest and New Pharmacist Boards

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Find 2016 Architect Graduation Announcements Invitations


Personalize These Trendy 2016 Announcement and Invitation Designs for Architect Graduation

For those architect school graduates planning to announcement they are graduating or send an invitation to guests for their graduating celebrations or ceremony, the sample 2016 architectural school graduation announcements and invitations designs will be a friendly and welcoming sight. These excited graduates will no longer have to search the world-wide-web to find trendy, exciting, and stylish architecture invitations announcements designs to personalize with their own graduation wordings! With simply a click of the mouse, these eager graduates will find the most current images and designs to complement their theme. Plus, there are lots of architect graduation wording samples, architectural school saying ideas, and architecture graduate verse suggestions available for their exclusive use.

Review a few 2016 sample architecture school graduation announcements invitation cards for new architects and architectural graduation

Architectural Protractor Announcements Invitations

Architecture T-Square Announcements for Graduation

Architect Skyline Graduation Invitations Announcements

Architect Building Skyline Graduation Announcement Invitation

Architecture Announcements Graduation Invitations

Architectural Graduating Invitation and Announcements

And, for large collection of announcements, invitations, and graduating cards for architect graduations, CLICK HERE

For recent graduates, your new talents and expertise will be needed in many fields, such as: higher education lecturer; building surveyor; commercial and residential surveyor; historic buildings inspector and conservation officer; landscape architect; structural engineer; planning and development surveyor; town planner; production designer for theatre, television, and film; and lots more.

And, find more designs at Architect Pinterest and Architectural School Boards

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Check out Latest New Boards and Post on Pinterest by

Pinterest is one of the best social media sites, and considered by many and the favorite for pictures, images, and designs. Because of this popularity, has recently added some Boards and new invitations and announcement cards that reflect the latest styles, designs, and trends for graduation stationery. We invite you to view any of the Boards presented below:Graduation Photo Announcements Invitations


Each of these Pinterest Boards will be continuously updated, so please visit them often.


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Ophthalmology and Optometry Graduation Announcements Invitations


Understanding Difference Between Ophthalmologist and Optometry Graduates

The field of Ophthalmology is both a surgical and a medical eye specialty. In a typical day, a licensed ophthalmologist will usually perform vision exams and cataract surgery, conduct research, and fit eyeglasses. For those wanting to become an ophthalmologist, you will need to complete college, then medical school, and serve your residency. Many also complete a fellowship, which is an extended period of training.

Becoming an Optometrist is a bit easier since most are not medical doctors, but they do follow many of the same or similar educational courses. A bachelor’s degree is not absolutely required, but you will need at least three years of post secondary education before you can even apply for the mandatory four-year doctor of optometry (OD) courses. Additionally, most Optometrists choose to complete a one-year residency to get more clinical experience. And, all Optometrists must be licensed in all states in which they work. Regardless of whether you are graduating in Ophthalmology or Optometry, you will want to announcement your graduation or invite your guest to your graduation ceremony with the most unique and customized announcements and invitations available anywhere.

Most optometrists have earned a bachelor’s degree, although the minimum requirements are three years of post-secondary education that includes courses in chemistry, biology, physics, math, and English. You must pass the Optometry Admission Test before you can apply to an optometry program. After acceptance in a doctor of optometry program, you must complete coursework in anatomy, physiology, optics, visual science and the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and disorders.

All ophthalmologist physicians must attain a bachelor’s degree to be considered for admission into medical school. A student may choose any major, just as long as you meet necessary prerequisites in biology, chemistry, and math. You will also be required to take and pass the Medical College Admissions Test. Since all medical schools are so competitive and consider factors other than academic achievement, those seeking to become an ophthalmologist might consider volunteering or working in healthcare while attending college. And, at most medical schools, you will be required to interview with the admissions committee.

Ophthalmologists and surgeons can anticipate a growth rate of 18% from 2012 to 2022, according to the B.L.S, while the average projected rate of growth for all occupations for the same period is 11%. But, some medical specialties are in a bit higher demand than others. A nationwide physician recruiting firm reported ophthalmologists were 20th on its list of most requested specialties in 2012. Median salaries for ophthalmologists during the past year was $372,552, and Ophthalmologists working at hospitals earned $205,000 annually, and those employed by multi-specialty group practices earned $340,000.

Find a wide array and totally unique Ophthalmology and Optometry graduation announcements and invitations along with lots of invitation announcement wording samples for Ophthalmologist and Optometrist graduation eye doctor at

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Medical School Graduation Invitations & Photo Announcements


Add Your Own Words and Photo to Announcements and Invitations for Medical School Graduations

As graduation approaches for all type medical school graduations, you certainly want to take up your prescription pad and stethoscope as you inter your particular medical field. For announcing your graduation and inviting guests to your ceremony and celebrations, at medical stationery websites, like, you find a prestigious collection of medical school graduation announcement cards and med school ceremony invitations guaranteed to celebrate the end to your long and difficult college years and embrace your particular medical degree with a career in the world of medicine. A few samples of those specialized graduation invitation announcements for medical schools include and are shown below:

  • medical doctor and new doctor, M.D.
  • ophthalmology, ophthalmologist, optometry, optometrist
  • dental and dentist, DDS
  • pharmacy, pharmacist, Rx
  • veterinarian, vet, DVM
  • doctor of Physical Therapy, orthopedic, physical therapy and physical therapist
  • photo announcements and invitation cards for all type medical school graduations
  • thank you note cards for the medical graduates to express their appreciation and gratitude

view variety of discounted and popular announcements invitation card design samples for all type medical school graduations

Medical School – New Med School Doctor Announcements Invitations for Graduation

Medical School Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards for New Doctor with Caduceus

New Doctor Graduation Invitations and Announcements for Medical School

Med School Caduceus Graduating Announcing Cards and Invites

Ophthalmology, Optometry – Dental – Veterinarian Graduations Announcements

Ophthalmology and Optometry Announcements and Invitations for Ophthalmologist and Optometrist New Eye Doctor

New Dentist DDS Caduceus Dental School Graduation Announcements

Veterinary DVM Announcements Invitations for New Veterinarian Graduation

Pharmacy – Rx – Architect – Physical Therapy Announcement Invitation for Graduations

Pharmacy Rx Graduation Announcements and Invitation Cards for New Pharmacist

Architecture Announcements and Invitations for Architect Graduations

Physical Therapist Graduate Announcement Invitation for Therapy

Photo Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards for All Type Med School Graduates

Tonal Dots Med School Graduation Fuchsia Announcements Invitations with Photos

Stylish Tassel Photo Medical School Announcement Invitation with Wrap

Chalkboard Crest Graduation Photo Invitation Announcement Cards

Thank You Medical School Graduation Note Cards

Thank You Medical School Graduation Note Cards

Filigree Collage Med School Graduation Thank Yous with Photos

Thank You Specialized Professional Graduation Class Notes

and, find entire collection of specialty graduation announcement invitation cards for medical school announcements and invitations by clicking the link above

Most graduates will want to customize and send their family members, friends, classmates and associates a med school announcement for graduation or double up as an invitation and invite your guests to join in the celebration by personalizing a medical school graduation invitation. Select from lots of specialized school graduation medical designs with the traditional caduceus symbol, stethoscope announcements, lab coat doctor invitations, and heart beat pattern card design.

The more popular medical graduation stationery websites, like, offer photograph medical school graduation announcements and invitations that share a photo of the graduating med school graduate on his graduation day, or working in the medical field. For the sophisticated med school graduate, celebrate with this ‘sick’ library of medical school graduation announcements and medical school graduation invitations.

Most people will acknowledge that there is one profession that will be a necessary career always, and it is the medical field. As a graduate, you have dedicated your life and career path ensuring patients are healthy and helping others, and hopefully that does not go unnoticed. So, as you are graduating, celebrate the completion of years of studying, schooling, clinical work, projects and papers and commemorate your graduation from the school of medicine with these collections of popular and contemporary medical school graduation announcements and invitations.

Select your graduation med school announcement to alert family members, friends, neighbors clients, and classmates of your accreditation and as networking for your journey into the medical field expert. As you are browsing the school graduation medical announcements at, you will find relative features with heart monitor themes, heartbeat designs, stethoscope motifs and, of course, the caduceus symbols. As an announcement of your med school graduation, they can be mailed before graduating, on the day of your ceremony, or after you have graduated.

As you are planning a graduate party celebration, you can choose from a wide selection of school graduation party invitations that feature dynamic and modern invitations with graduating doctors, lab coat invites, and school book medical invitations. GraduationCardsShop also offers a wide array of photo announcement invitation cards that includes your party details, the traditional medical icon symbol, and a photo of the graduate, either on graduation day, or working in his lab coat on.

And, if you choose to, you can use your party invites for med school graduation to announce your graduation as well. So, honor and celebrate your respected career choice and the start to a lifetime career with the vast library of announcements and invitations for medical school graduation.

For the most creative and popular school announcements invitations for medical graduations and unique graduation wordings for invitation announcement cards medical school graduates, please visit

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Culinary Cooking School Graduations for New Chef


Personalize Your New Chef Culinary Cooking School Graduation Announcements and Invitations

As you are approaching your culinary cooking school graduation, you will definitely want to let everyone know the accomplishment that you have been cooking up for years by customizing your totally unique and proud culinary themed graduation announcements and invitations. The new chef graduation announcements are for announcing you are graduating, while the culinary school invitations are for inviting guests to your graduation ceremony and celebration. Whether your taste runs from refined and elegant to fun and experimental, has the perfect invitation announcement style and design for you. Any of their creative designs will certainly whet your guest’s appetite for your graduation accomplishment and celebration. Order any of these new chef invitations and culinary graduate announcements today, and still have lots of time left to craft the menu for your party.

view variety of inexpensive announcements invitation card design samples for culinary cooking school graduation for new chefs

Culinary – Cooking School and New Chef Graduation Stationery Cards

Chef Hat Culinary Cooking School Graduation Announcements Invitations

Culinary Graduation New Chef School Announcements and Invitations

New Chef Culinary School Cooking Graduation Announcements Invitation Cards

and, find entire selection of culinary cooking school graduation announcement invitation cards for new chef by CLICKING HERE

What are Salaries of Culinary Cooking School Graduates?

Culinary school graduates are typically employed as various types of chefs, caters, and restaurant managers. Salaries for these new chef grads vary widely depending on the size and type of position, duties, responsibilities, location, and employer. The latest statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the median salary for chefs was $38,770. But, some culinary recruiters report that executive chefs working in large metropolitan areas earn salaries between $76,000 and $100,000. A sous chef can earn, on the average, as much as $49,000, and the ranges for salaries for a pastry chef are between $24,500 and $66,500, depending on location, experience, and other factors.

The manager of a restaurant is typically a culinary school graduate who have also received training in business and culinary cooking aspects of restaurants. Earnings on a national level for restaurant managers average between $29,637 and $45,847, but those chefs / managers working in large major cities and for fine dining establishments earn substantially more, from $41,143 to $60,630.

For those new culinary chefs who are food caterers, the earnings also vary considerably. Last reported nationwide annual wages for caterers range from $20,800 to $41,849. Those new chef graduates working as catering director are paid much higher salaries. Depending on the level of expertise and service provided and the location of the business, a catering director earns between $57,000 to $68,200 annually.

Find the most unique, distinctive, and affordable culinary school graduation announcements and invitations and new chef announcement invitation wordings for graduation at

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Amazing Law School Graduation Announcements Invitations


Customize Your New Lawyer Graduation Invitations & Law School Graduate Announcements

When attending law school, your life is often a balancing act, but law school students usually figure it out rather quickly and eventually graduate. At websites like, you will find a gigantic collection of totally unique and professional of law school graduation announcements and new lawyer invitations that can be customized to highlight such a vital part in your career in which you will brace yourself to enter the legal profession to serve justice. This, you as a new lawyer, has always dreamed about.

We invite you to celebrate your graduation from law school with a graduate announcement that showcases your knowledge, sophistication, and class. You may choose from contemporary and classic graduation announcements invitations for law school that feature a gavel, the scale of justice, law books, graduating caps, lawyers in formal business attire, and so many more themes and designs. Highlight your new career with a new lawyer announcement card to inform family and friends that you will certainly be taking a ‘bite out of crime‘ with your law school education, and the road to a wonderful career ahead.

view variety of discounted, professional, and unique announcements and invitation card design samples for law school graduation

New Lawyer School – Law School Announcements and Invitations for Graduations

Law School Announcement Invitation for New Lawyer Graduation with Feather

New Lawyer Graduation Announcements and Invitations for Law School

Scales of Justice Law School Announcements Invitations for New Lawyer Graduations

and, find entire collection of specialty graduation announcement invitation cards for law school graduates by clicking the link above

It is believed that most law students have sort of a special knack for viewing the world in a way that most others do not. You’ll want to embark your journey into the legal world of law and celebrate your graduation from law school with a collection of sophisticated law school graduation invitations and announcements for new lawyers. Joyfully announce your accreditation to family members, friends, and future clients with a trendy, chic or stylish new lawyer announcements and law school graduation invitations that embellishes features your school colors or a symbolic law school design with the scale of justice, law school books, or a gavel used by judges. At, you’ll find graduate invitations for law school that come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs.

Consider adding a photograph of the graduating new lawyer with a digital photo law school graduation announcement invitation cards. This photo graduation card will capture a moment of the graduate fighting crime or posing on the graduation day. And, remember that you can double your graduation law school invitation as an graduating announcement as well, so that all of your acquaintances receive the great news of your law school achievements, in addition to your invitation to your graduation ceremony celebration.

You can mail your law school graduation announcements before graduation, on the day you graduate, or slightly after graduating. Be sure and show how passionate you are about your new legal career and accreditation with the vast library of law school graduation invitations and announcements for new lawyer graduates that will highlight your upcoming fight against crime.

Find these remarkable law school announcements and invitations for new lawyer graduation, professional wording ideas and samples for law school graduation announcement invitation at

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Free High School Graduation Announcements Invitations


Create Excitement and Pride with Your Custom High School Graduation Announcements and Invitations

Show pride in your high schooler’s graduation by ordering customized high school graduation announcements and invitations featuring lots of colors, themes, and designs, including your school’s colors. Our invitation announcement designs and themes feature a variety of color combinations, from silver and green, to orange and blue and from gold and purple to the always popular red, white and blue. After all, your loved ones will enjoy getting a personalized announcement or invitation high school graduation keepsake to honor and remember your achievement and accomplishment. And, make it even more personal by adding a school graduating photo to the customized invitation announcement cards, and they’ll have a keepsake for years to come.

view unique, popular, and discounted announcements and invitation card design samples for your high school graduation celebration

High School Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards

Reflection Announcements and Invitations for High School Graduation

Snapshot Photo High School Graduation Invitation Announcement

Graduation Hats High School Invitation Announcement Cards

Homeschool – Homeschooling – Home Schooled Graduates for High School

Homeschooling Graduation Ladder Announcements for Home Schooled Graduates

Stylish Graduate Announcements for Homeschoolers

Home School Graduation Hat Announcements for HomeSchooled

Open House High School Graduation Party

High School Open House Graduation Invitations with Graduate Caps

Graduation Hats Off High School Open House Party Invitation Cards

Graduation Time Party Invites for High School Open House Celebration

Party Celebration for High School Graduation Celebrations

Party Invitations for High Schoolers Graduating

Color Pop Photo Party High School Invitations for Graduation Milestones

Add High School Graduation Hats to Party Invitation Cards

Thank You High School Graduation Note Cards

High School Thank You Graduation Cards

Filigree Collage Graduation High School Thank Yous with Photos

Thank You High School Graduation Class Notes

and, find lots more stylish, trendy, and inexpensive graduation announcements and invitation cards for your high school graduate by clicking the link above

As graduation season approaches, high school graduating seniors usually begin to feel the lifting of pressure from their shoulders as they wrap up projects, courses, and final exams. Most will be embarking on future plans, like technical programs, college, traveling, beginning work in the business world, or possibility enlisting in the military. The graduates’ parents usually begin breathing a sigh of relief. After all, raising a child to reach these days is truly is an accomplishment and achievement to be proud of, both for parents and the graduates.

Everyone should be mindful and remember that high school graduations are an exciting and fun experience. Many parents plan a graduation ceremony party to bring family and friends together to join in celebrating this gigantic accomplishment. With all these celebration plans, what more could an excited graduate ask for? Selecting and customizing high school graduation party invitations are not only informative but generates excitement for the graduating senior and his invited guests. From the always popular traditional to modern and unique, selecting just the right party invites for high school graduation can be creative and a memorable element of the party and graduating process.

While most people love the always popular traditional high school announcement for graduation, recent trends in graduation announcements include designs that are contrary to the norm. Multiple ways to display photos, bright colors, bold patterns, and varied typefaces are creative and imaginative ways to personalize your embellished announcement invitation card creation. Ordering graduation stationery that is unique and trendy like these make a statement and are also very party appropriate while doubling as your graduation announcements as party invitations in one is an interesting and acceptable practice.

The entire graduation season is always exciting and high anticipated, especially for the parents and graduates. There are unlimited ways to personalize these days in your graduate’s life. Remember to include his favorite or school colors along with photographs to be even more creative. Be bold and ensure a lasting create with a high school graduation announcement design that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Read lots more about popular, trendy, and stylish high school announcements invitations for graduation and graduation wordings for high school graduates written by Sarah Porter for various publications, newspapers, forums, blogs, and websites like

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