Useful High School Graduation Etiquette – Part 2


Be Confident With Your Graduation Etiquette Including High School Graduate Announcements and Invitations Part 2

What we know, what we think, or what we believe is, in the end, of very little significance as the only consequence is what we do, per John Ruskin. Put simply, Ruskin could have possibly said it best, as we all have a story with a beginning, middle, and an end. But, the most important element is what is done during the journey. The journey, for many, starts with earning their high school graduating diploma, that most significant educational milestone in the life of a teenager. It is definitely a major educational accomplishment and achievement, and one that definitely deserves to be shared with family members, friends, and other loved ones.

Graduation etiquette for graduating high schoolers includes several steps for both the graduates and their family members and friends. Basically, high school graduation etiquette guidelines suggestions begin with selecting, customizing, and sending your unique and popular high school graduation announcements invitations and your own individual wordings. A sampling of just a few of these totally unique high school announcement invitation cards for high school graduates are shown below for your viewing and can be found at

Graduation Invitation Announcement Card Samples for High School Graduates

Photo Style High School Graduation Announcements & Invitations

High School Graduation Class Invites & Announcements

Graduation Wordings for High School Class of 2015 Announcement Invitation Cards

High School Graduate Ladder Announcements & Invitations

Etiquette for High School Invitations Announcements with Photo

High School Graduate Class Announcement & Invitation

Popular Photo Thank You High School Card

High School Graduate Cap Invitation Announcement

Wording Ideas for High School Graduate Thank You Cards

Most Acceptable Way to Announce Your Graduation From High School: A graduation announcement is used to announce that your graduate will be or has graduated from high school. They should never be confused with a high school graduating invitation which invites guest to attend the actual ceremony. School graduate announcing cards may be sent before or after the graduation from high school has taken place. The wordings should include the grad’s name, his school, date, and any other particulars you think those receiving the cards will want to know. Typically, you will include the plans for the grad regarding the future.

When to Mail Your Custom High School Announcement Graduation Cards? Typically, April through June are the busiest months of the year so mailing them any time during that period is acceptable. As written previously, the announcements can be sent either before or after the graduating ceremony, but the invitations to the high school graduating ceremony should be mailed six to eight weeks in advance. As a courtesy, you should include a sentence or phrase about, ‘No gifts, please‘ to those who are not invited to a ceremony or celebration.

Party Invitations for High Schooler Graduation: If you are planning any type party celebration, you’ll definitely want to send out separate customized high school graduation party invitations to those you want to attend the gathering. Your party invitation wording should include all the details of the event along with RSVP instructions or a reply card and its envelope. Be sure you include a deadline for your invited guests to respond by. It is suggested that you place the reply card inside its envelope, without sealing it, and add a stamp with your address. Insert the reply card and envelope on top of the announcement envelope, and the front facing forward.

Suggestions for Receiving Gifts: First and foremost, you will definitely want to send a high school graduation thank you note card soon after receiving each gift as possible. In the thank you, mention something about the gift received and how or what you plan to do with it. Although gifts should not be solicited, they are more often than not, given to the graduate.

Useful Tips, Suggestions, and Ideals for Friends and Family Graduation Etiquette: If the customized school graduation announcement includes an invitation to a post-graduation party, you will want to reply to the invite in a prompt and timely manner so the hostess can make plans accordingly. If you are unable, for any reason, to attend, then you should send an appropriate gift. But, if you do attend, you should bring a gift with you to the party. Graduation announcements for high school graduations that do not include an invite to a party celebration can be responded to with a congratulatory graduation card, but you can also offer a gift if you choose to do so. Suggestions for graduation gifts can range from cash to books to the totally popular computers. It is always a good ideas to talk with the grad’s parents for what to give. But, giving a gift certificate is always a winner so the happy grad can do the choosing.

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Stylish High School Announcement Invitations for Graduation


Celebrating Your High School Graduation Milestone With Stylish Announcements and Invitations

Graduation is an important educational milestone that every parent is proud to have their child achieve. And, as such, you will certainly want to make this day special for the new graduate with stylish and trendy high school announcements and invitations for graduation, that really complements your grad’s personality. This is oh so easy at with our wide array of graduation designs ranging from modern to traditional. With our vivid and bright colors, bold patterns, varied typefaces, and multiple ways to display photos and pictures, you have dozens of ways to achieve this. Plus, you can add your own invitation announcement graduation wordings for high school, using the large collection of samples we provide. For a fun party to honor the special student, you’ll find a wide array of party invitations with multiple colors, styles, and designs. Whether it is a high school commencement announcement or ceremony invitation for your graduates, we have just the stationery card to match your style. Our vast library of free wording samples, ideas, and suggestions are there for your beckon and calling. With our fast processing, you will have your school announcements and invitations shipped the same day and receive them in no time. Find a few samples of graduation announcements and invitations below.

Graduation Announcement and Invitation Samples for High School Graduates

High School Sheer Style Announcements Invitations for Graduations

Class of 2015 Announcements & Invitations for High School Graduation

Graduation Photo Announcing Cards & Invites for High School Graduates

Graduation Hats Galore Invitations and Announcements for High Schoolers

Graduation Photo Deco High School Announcements and Invitations

High School Class of 2015 Graduation Invitations and Announcements

High School Senior Silver Announcement Invitation Cards

Graduation Post High School Announcing Card and Invite with Cap and Ivy

Graduation High School Green Stripe Announcements and Invitations for 2015

Graduation Caps Announcements & Invitations for High School Graduates

Photo Tassel Announcements Invitations for High School Graduation

High School Graduation Party Invitations with Graduate Hats and Diplomas

Tassel Thank You Note Card for High School Graduation

High School Graduation Cap & Tassel Thank You Note Cards

Class of 2015 Graduation High School Thank You Note Card

Lots of people today are creating designs that suit their graduate’s preferences and personality. You can customize your 2015 graduation invitations and announcements for high schoolers from our wide variety of unique designs. You’ll find lots of newly created designs for 2015 high school graduations, invites with photos for your graduation party, printed graduation cards, and graduation wordings, verses, and sayings. In today’s world, graduations are a year long event so the 2015 designs are applicable for the entire year.

Hosting a graduation party is an ideal way to honor your graduate and his educational achievements and accomplishments. Although these high schooler graduation parties are often times bittersweet as lifetime friends are often times going off to colleges in lots of different directions. Ensure your child’s graduation party is truly special with customized gradation party invitation cards at In the spring, usually the busiest graduation season, there is always a plethora of graduating parties so you will definitely want your soiree to stand out. So, to do this, personalize your party invites is such a manner as to ensure the invited guests are excited about your planned celebrations. And, don’t forget to order those matching graduation thank you high school graduation cards, to send to those who attended and gave a gift.

As you search for just the right design, you’ll find lots of fabulous and modern color combinations, ranging from: orange and blue; silver and green; gold and purple; and, of course, the always popular red, white and blue. If your daughter’s favorite color is hot pink, why not select a unique invitation announcement with a hot pink accent theme. Perhaps your son’s dog is really special to him so why not add a photo of him with his furry best friend. And, for all those who play sports, there’s no better way to highlight their passions than to showcase an appropriate picture of him decked out in his sports uniform. You can even add your own special announcement invitation wordings on the invitation announcement cards. It is truly an ideal way to save money without sacrificing quality or style.

Read About High School Graduation Ceremony Etiquette


Help Understanding Graduation Ceremony Etiquette for High School Graduates

One of the most acknowledged recognitions of a high school graduate’s achievements is his graduation ceremony, or commencement, as soon refer to it. At these commencements or ceremonies, a diploma is conferred or given to each graduating senior, while the speakers chosen for these special events often include alumni, community dignitaries, and fellow students. Typically, the class valedictorian, who is the graduating student with the highest grade point average (GPA) in the class, also usually speaks. Because of limited seating, most schools have to restrict attendance, so you will definitely need to check with your school to determine if there will be limitations on the number of guests you can invite to the ceremony.

Alternatives to Inviting Guests to the Commencement Ceremony

If your school is like most others, there will be strict limitations on the number of guest you can invite so you’re facing a dilemma about which of the many family members and friends you should invite. If so, you might try one or more of the helpful suggestions and tips:

*  explain to family members and friends that while you want them at graduating ceremony, you are allowed to invite only a limited guests; most will understand and might even volunteer to forego their ticket so someone else can attend

*  invite only one aunt or uncle from each side of the family; however, invites for grandparents are a must

*  after dwindling it down by the two suggestions above, you can come up with an objection solution, like drawing names out of a hat, that is fair to everyone

*  invite those who cannot attend your ceremony to your gradation party, where you can share your ceremony photos and videos to make them feel included

Minding Your Graduation Ceremony Etiquette

While there are some schools that actually embrace free spirited and lively graduation ceremonies, before breaking out the noisemakers, beach balls, and other crazy attention getters, you will want to consider these factors of ceremony etiquette suggestions:

*  Know the particular traditions of your school. For example, if your school’s graduation is more formal and somber, then you might want to avoid any whooping and hollering with polite applause.

*  In the majority of schools, the issuing of the diplomas is an orderly and quick process, so you’ll want to you show your pride and respect and don’t drown out the recognition of your fellow graduates.

*  For occasions like this, everyone full attention should be focused on the ceremony, so be sure and turn off your cell phone, including no texting during the entire ceremony. Most schools ask that you remain in your seat until the last graduate receives his diploma so that he feels properly acknowledged.

The Ever Popular Cap and Gown for Your Ceremony

As part of the traditional marching to the ‘Pomp and Circumstance‘ will mean wearing the school’s traditional graduation cap and gown, as this tradition dates back many centuries and was started in European universities of those times. Here’s how most school ask their graduates to wear their cap and gown during the ceremony.

*  The cap is worn parallel to the floor and flat on the head with the forward point of the cap centered on your forehead

*  The length of your graduation gown should fall halfway between your knee and ankle

*  Boys should remove their graduating caps while the National Anthem and the school song are being played

*  Tassels are normally worn on the right and transferred to the left side after a graduate receives his diploma

*  Boys should wear dark colored trousers with dress shirts and ties underneath their gowns

*  Girls should wear lightweight dresses or skirts with blouses that are above the length of the gowns

*  Jewelry and flowers should not be worn outside on the gown

*  The cap and gown can be accessorized in keeping with the traditions of your school

Find the most unique and popular high school graduation announcements and invitations at and read lots more about graduation etiquette for high schoolers written by +Sarah Porter for various websites, blogs, magazines, newspaper, and other publications.

Helpful High School Graduation Commencement Ceremony Details


Lots of Useful High School Graduation Commencement Ceremony Do’s and Don’ts

A high school graduation diploma is given or conferred to each school graduate at official graduating ceremonies called commencement, invocation, or convocation. This is a cultural tradition deemed as a rite of passage, marking one educational milestone in a person’s life to another. Many high schools have different graduation ceremony traditions, some of which include flipping the tassel from the right to the left after receiving their diploma, the tossing of the graduation hat into the air, and lots of others.

But, just when should you flip the tassel from one side to the other? Usually, arrangements are made for someone there to signal you when to do it. Some schools request that the graduate flip immediately after the handshake and upon receiving his diploma. But, there are just as many schools that prefer that the flip of their tassel be done as the grads are walking off the stage. It just really depends on your school’s preferences and traditions.

All participating ceremony grads are asked to wear what the school considers appropriate commencement attire, which, as a minimum requires marching with pomp and circumstance in the school’s traditional cap and gown. And, although these are the basic requirements, here a few more that most schools have on their must do list:

*  graduating cap is worn flat on the head with no tilt

*  graduation gowns should fit midway between the ankle and knee

*  boys should remove their caps during the National Anthem and school song

*  tassel is usually worn on the right side and shifted to the left after receiving diploma

*  boys should wear dark dress slacks, a dress shirt with necktie under their gowns

*  girls usually wear a lightweight dress or appropriate skirt and blouse that is shorter than the gown so as not hang below the gown

At many large colleges, where hundreds of degrees are being given out at the same time, the main commencement ceremony is followed by several smaller ceremonies at sites around the campus where faculty members of each department distribute diplomas to graduates within their department. Another popular way of accommodating lots of graduates is to have numerous ceremonies, dividing the grads by field of study, held at a central site during the course of a weekend instead of one single ceremony.

Regardless of the manner in which a ceremony is held, an academic administrator, official such as the dean or department head, or an invited guest speaker, always gives candidates a diploma. It might come as a surprise to many, but it is quite common for the graduates not to receive their actual diploma at the ceremony, but instead they receive a certificate indicating that they participated in the ceremony or a nice cover to hold the diploma once it is picked up.

This is done for a number of reasons; one primary one is to allow students who need a few more credits to participate in the official ceremony with their classmates. After all, this is like a continuation of the today’s political correctness where everybody wins and no one loses, or in educational terms, everyone passes and no one fails.

Since this is a day of pride and celebrating, you will want to ensure those close to you are allowed to share it with you. By sending high school graduation invitations, you are acknowledging their importance to you and requesting that they join you on your special day you have worked hard to achieve.

Find the largest collection of high school graduation commencement invitation cards at and other articles written by +Sarah Porter for lots of websites, blogs, publications, magazines, and more.

Unique High School Graduation Party Invitations Theme Ideas


Find the Most Unique and Creative High School Graduation Party Invitations Theme

Graduating Party Invitation Cards

Invitations for Graduate Parties

We all know that a graduation day is, without a doubt, one of the most memorable times in our lives. It’s a very important milestone in your high school graduate’s life so you’ll definitely want to plan and fun and exciting party for his fellow grads, family, and friends. So, you, as the graduation party planner in chief, start planning, you’ll want to decide on a theme for the entire celebration that begins with your high school graduation party invitations and continues through all elements of your celebration. And, when you are customizing your school graduating party invitation cards, you’ll need to ensure your graduation invitation wordings for high school graduating party includes all the needed details of your celebration.

Embellishing the Creative and Unique High School Graduation Party Invitations to Complement Your Graduating Theme

After deciding on your celebration theme and invitation design, you should start personalizing your very own, totally distinctive, graduation wordings and include some of these ideas:

*  Now it is time for the proud graduate to spread his wings and shoot for the sky

*  Entering your college days means bidding farewell to those memories of 12 years of school

*  This exciting day highlights 12 years of achievements, accomplishments, and, above all, lots of hard work

*  Consider adding a quote like Mark Twain’s, ‘now is the time to ‘Discover, Explore, and Dream’

*  Today is your defining times when we show how proud everyone is of you, the graduate

Consider the Seasons in the Sun High School Graduation Party Theme

Party Invitations for Graduation

School Graduating Party Invitations

This particular party theme is an ideal, enjoyable, and interesting walk down memory lane of his school days. The objective with this particular theme is to review those days one last time before your graduate symbolically spreads their wings and proceeds into the next exciting and challenging chapter in his life. The purpose is to make this school graduating celebration all encompassing of those very special moments and memories in his 12-year school career. Or, specifically, try and make it his final adiós to the school life, as he once knew it.

Review the Always Exciting Set Sail Graduation Party Theme for Your High School Graduate

Graduation Invitation Wording for High School

High School Graduation Wordings

The popular and entertaining set sail theme is symbolic of ‘sail away with the past and sailing into the new and exciting future’. Your excited high school graduate is about to be entering lots of untested and unknown waters, so what better way to embrace this adventure than to adopted your theme as nautical. However, before casting this theme idea away before seriously considering it, there isn’t any need to run out and rent a large boat or yacht for the event. However, for those whose budget will allow it, it would add to the atmosphere. But, back to reality, as you can bring the water to your party by making lots of cutouts made from cardboard. These boat cutouts are perfect decks and all set up and ready to set sail.

Planning for the Viva la Carnival Party Theme for High School Graduations

When most of us think of carnivals, we immediately think of lots of vivid colors, and life gurgling with joy. So, since your new graduate believes that this is what his anticipated college life will be like, you might want to consider making your celebration theme viva la carnival. With all these highly anticipated exciting and fun times, you’ll want to highlight the vivid and bright colors that he thinks will await him during his approaching college days. And, some might think this viva la carnival theme might be a bit challenging, when successfully pulled off, it will be well worth the efforts.

As you begin the planning process of your graduate’s most memorable high school graduation party, you should always be mindful that there is no one who knows your child better than you. So, this make you the absolute most logical and best person to select his high school graduation party invitations theme ideas along with the graduation wording for high school graduation party  that will certainly complement his personal styles, personality, and preferences. Just get out your creative and imaginative thinking hat, and settle on a can’t miss party theme for proud and deserving high school graduate.

Trendy High School Graduate Invitations


Embellishing Your Popular High School Graduate Invites Stationery Cards

High School Graduating Invitation

Invitations for High School Graduates

When it comes to selecting stylish invitations for your high school graduate, you’ll want to take your time and make your selection very carefully. You’ve likely been planning for this occasion for a long time so you don’t want anything to go wrong. That’s one of the many reasons you’ll want to shop online at, as these specialty educational sites understand these issues. They know you only want to do what is best for celebrating this important achievement in your child’s life, so let them help you save money on the best high school graduate invitation cards found anywhere. With their already low and discounted prices, plus the best customer services found anywhere, there’s simply no reason to look anywhere else for your absolute best options for the graduating invitations you need.

Creative High School Graduate Invites You Can Afford

High School Graduate Invites

High Schooler Photo Graduating Invitation

No one wants to devote their entire graduating celebration budget to stationary cards. That would be crazy! Instead, you want an affordable and inexpensive way to purchase invites that don’t look cheap, inexpensive, and bland. After all, what could be worse than to have your invited guests open their high school graduating invitation cards and proclaim, “It looks like they didn’t pay too much for these.” Imagine what they’d think about your celebration or party, too.

Here’s a better solution. You can shop with GraduationCardsShop and get the highest quality invite stationary cards at the most affordable and discounted prices. They keep their card costs lower than their competitors, but that’s only part of how they help you. There’s lots of promotions always available, like 10 free invite cards, free shipping, your proof within one hour, and guaranteed printing and shipping the same day, to list just a few. You can use those free cards to invite more guests or to keep your purchase amount within your budget. It’s your decision.

Voted Best High School Graduation Invitations for Your Big Day

High School Wordings for Graduates

Graduation Invitation High School Wordings

No one wants to take any risks when it comes to something as important as their graduating stationery invitations. That’s one of the many reasons their same day print and ship guarantee offers you lots of peace of mind and comfort. As you know, you’ll want to get those invite cards in the mail within six weeks of the event to give your invited guests ample time to make their preparations.

If you order online from some vendors, you might have to wait a long time for your order to even be shipped, and that could delay all of your plans. Graduation Cards Shop is the only custom stationery card company offering these guaranteed fast shipping services, and they do it because they know how important it is for you to get your invitation cards for high school graduation as quickly as possible to ensure they are mailed in enough time for your event to be a success.

So, after reading all the advantages of shopping online, you’re sure to see that it’s the place to for your high school graduate invitation cards.

High School Graduate Traditions – High School Graduation Ceremonies


Interesting High School Graduate Traditions

Each high school graduate is certain to be excited about his approaching graduation, but it is particularly exciting for the class valedictorian and salutatorian. Those lucky graduates who are named valedictorian and salutatorian should certainly include this honor in the invitations to their high school graduation ceremonies. As at a senior high graduating ceremony, the valedictorian and salutatorian are introduced as two of the best academic students in the entire class, and are people who can serve as exemplary examples for their class and classmates.

High School Graduate – The Valedictorian’s Role

Many famous people have been valedictorians, including actress Jodie Foster and actor Chevy Chase. As valedictorian, your will be expected to give a moving farewell speech to the class. With the responsibility of having to inspire your class with a motivational speech, the last thing you want to do so stress over choosing high school gradation invites, which is why you’ll want to shop early at the better school graduating invitation announcement stationery websites. As you shop, you’ll find lots of alternatives and options that makes choosing your stationary easy by offering you diverse selections and customizable options.

Multiple Class Valedictorians – A Growing Trend

With the even increasing competition for acceptance into elite colleges and universities, there have been more and more dedicated students than ever, all attempting to achieve that lofty goal of number 1 – the valedictorian. To attempt to recognize those efforts and accomplishments, more and more high schools are selecting multiple valedictorians to highlight the accomplishments and dedication of multiple grads. At some schools, in fact, numerous students qualify for the esteem honor. In fact, at one school 35 students were named valedictorian for the class of 2011.

Schools also honor multiple valedictorians to lessen the pressure and competition among students. Although this trend has its critics, it is also praised by high performing and achieving students who benefit from the recognition.

High School Graduation Ceremonies and the Role of the Salutatorian

Some well-known salutatorians include people like First Lady Michelle Obama and singer Carrie Underwood. If a graduate is selected salutatorian, he is normally the first speaker at the graduate ceremony. Typically, the student will have about five minutes to address the class and to offer anecdotes, memories, and to discuss various milestones. Many of these special words can be used when you are buying your graduation announcements.

As you are ordering your personalized high school graduate announcement invitation stationery, be sure and include any special awards or recognition you have achieved during your educational progress. Your family and friends will want to know, and it give you that little extra pride as you place the high school invitations announcements cards in the mail.

Read about Embellishing Your High School Graduating Announcement Cards, Selecting Most Popular Graduate High School Invites, Most Creative School Invitation Announcement Stationery for High Schoolers, and lots more written by Sarah Porter for

Read Lot More About High School Graduation Special Awards and Recognitions

Popular High School Graduation Invitations


Determining if You Need High School Graduation Invitations or Announcements

A high school graduation is definitely an exciting time for both the graduating student and his parents. After all the grads are making the move to greater educational or career goals. The graduating students are also moving from young adulthood into full fledged adulthood. When you plan on celebrating a graduate’s successes, you will need two types of school graduation stationery: high school graduate announcements; and high school graduate invitations. Both types of educational stationary are used with totally different wording and for distinctively different reasons.

,Invitations for High School Grads

High School Graduate Invitation

Your High School Graduation Celebrations – Who to Invite

Before you can even begin to consider how many invitation cards you are going to need, you will have to make a couple of important decisions. First, you have to figure out if you will be inviting people to attend your child’s graduation ceremony. Often times, you are given a limited number of tickets to the commencement exercises. You’ll want to create three lists:
1.     One list for those who you want to attend the ceremony;
2.     Another list of people you will invite to any festivities after the ceremony; and
3.     A separate list for those people you want to notify about your child’s graduation

Personalized high school graduate invitations should be sent to anyone you are asking to attend the ceremony and to the party afterwards. Sometimes, your invitation cards are used to invite guests to receptions too.

Announcements for High School Grads

High School Graduate Announcement

Creative High School Graduate Announcements Wording

Invites and announcing cards have a few similarities. Both forms of stationery should have the graduate’s full name, the date of graduation, and the name of the high school that your child attended. If your child plans on going to college, then the invitation announcement stationery cards should list the college that your child is going to attend as well. Your grad announcement cards are used, not to invite people to your ceremony, but to inform them of your graduation. Regardless of the use, you can add a quote, phrase, or special verse you like.

If you want announcements that simply let people know about your child’s graduation, you can have announcing stationery printed that leaves out information about party venues, times, and locations.

As you are browsing the better e-commerce websites, you’ll find some that offer features where you can customize any invitation announcement wording on the stationary offered. These options also enable you to personalized and instantly preview your high school graduation stationery cards before you pay.

Read about Popular High School Graduation Stationery, Customizing Your High School Graduate Announcements, Printable High School Graduate Invitations, and lots more written by Sarah Porter for

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Trendy High School Graduation Announcements


High School Graduation Announcements – Totally Unique, Stylish and Popular!

Custom high school graduation announcements are an ideal way to share your important news with family, friends, and other significant people in the graduate’s life. As you browse the e-commerce websites, like, you’ll find lots of personalized high school invitations stationery cards that symbolize your rite of passage and your movement from your teen years into young adulthood.

Invitation for High School Graduation

Graduate High School Invites

Hats Off High School Graduation Invitations
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Graduation High School Announcements

Announcements for High School Graduate

Reflection High School Graduation Announcements
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Spotlight High School Graduation Invites
Spotlight High School Graduation Invites
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As the school graduate season approaches, you’ll need to settle on your discounted high school graduation announcement invitation stationary cards that are long lasting so you can maintain and cherish the memories of this big moment for years to come.


Your High School Graduation Announcement Source


Selecting and Sending Your High School Graduate Invitation Stationery Hints

If you’re a parent and your child is graduating from high school, both you and your child have waited years for High school graduation. Now, when the time draws near, you’ll be in need of announcement cards for high school graduation as well as attractive high school graduate invites to share your child’s accomplishment with the world.

Graduation Invitations for High Schoolers

Invitation for High School Grads

As you shop for stationery, there are some factors you should keep in mind.

Popular High School Graduation Invitation Considerations

As a parent, you’ll need to think about how many people you’ll invite to your child’s grad party. The number of people you do invite is not the same number of people you’ll be inviting to the ceremony for graduation since you’ll only be offered limited seating and tickets for the event. You’ll also need stationery to get in touch with everyone who lives too far away to attend the ceremony or the party, so you’ll be investing in at least three different kinds of stationery selections.

You can save time choosing card designs by getting matching invites for the ceremony, the party, and your announcements, or you can choose different designs for all three stationery selections. You’ll want to make out a list of all those who you want to get in touch with, then narrow the list down by who can attend the party, who can go to the ceremony, and who should receive an announcement.

Announcements for High School Graduation

High School Graduate Announcement Cards

High Schooler Graduating Announcements and Considerations

As you look at announcing stationary and the many designs, remember that you are getting in touch with people who could not be there for your child’s momentous day. You might want to include a photo along with the announcing card when you mail it, but you also have the neat alternative of having an image of your grad added directly to the announcing cards that you order. Photographic images can help a person at a distance experience a small part of the joy experienced on the day your child graduates from high school – it can also help bring a smile to their face.

Best of all, embellished High school graduation announcing cards can be kept as keepsakes or put in a family album to be cherished in the future by the school grad and his proud parents. You’ll be very glad you ordered a few extras.

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