Nursing School Graduation Announcements Invitations for 2016


Customize Your 2016 Nursing School Graduation Announcement and Pinning Ceremony Invitations

When nursing school graduates are creating their personalized nursing school graduation announcement cards and pinning ceremony invitations for new nurses, more times than not, they will reference the Florence Nightingale Pledge, also known as Hippocratic Oath. Their nurse pinning ceremony is when the new graduate is officially welcomed into the professional field of nursing. One of the school faculty members will usually give each of the grads their school pins at the ceremony for nurse pinning, and this pin is usually worn on the graduate’s uniform. Since the nurse grads will want to ‘shout out to the world’, websites like maintains 2016 exclusive nurse graduating announcements and invitations available for R.N. and L.P.N. pinning ceremony and celebrations. You will also find lots of totally unique nurse graduating invitation announcement wordings, sayings, verses, and quotes.

sample nurse pinning ceremony invitations and nursing school graduation announcement designs for 2016 for R.N., L.P.N., nurse practitioner, nursing assistant and more

Exclusive Nursing 2016 Announcements and Pinning Ceremony Invitations


Nursing Graduate School Invitations Announcements

As low as: $0.79


Nursing Cap Graduation Announcements Invitations

As low as: $0.79


Nurse Pinning Ceremony Announcement Stationery

As low as: $0.79

Premium School of Nursing Announcements and Ceremony Pinning Invitation Cards for New Nurses

Senior Script Nursing Announcement Red

Senior Script Nursing Announcement Red

$179.30 Per 25

Banner Grad Nurse Pinning Ceremony Invitation Kraft

Banner Grad Nurse Pinning Ceremony Invitation Kraft

$81.30 Per 25

Grad Crest Photo Nurse Pinning Ceremony Invitation

Grad Crest Photo Nurse Pinning Ceremony Invitation

$140.00 Per 25

and, for the entire gallery of 2016 announcements invitations for nursing and pinning ceremonies, CLICK HERE

As you are searching for nurse graduation gifts, stationery, and party supplies, there are those related search terms: nurse, nursing, pinning ceremony, graduation, announcements, invitations, L.P.N., R.N., nurse practitioner, and school of nursing, to list just a few.

For lots more of the most unique and creative 2016 nursing pinning ceremony invites and nurse graduation announcements, visit these Pinterest Boards:

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Free High School Graduation Announcements Invitations


Create Excitement and Pride with Your Custom High School Graduation Announcements and Invitations

Show pride in your high schooler’s graduation by ordering customized high school graduation announcements and invitations featuring lots of colors, themes, and designs, including your school’s colors. Our invitation announcement designs and themes feature a variety of color combinations, from silver and green, to orange and blue and from gold and purple to the always popular red, white and blue. After all, your loved ones will enjoy getting a personalized announcement or invitation high school graduation keepsake to honor and remember your achievement and accomplishment. And, make it even more personal by adding a school graduating photo to the customized invitation announcement cards, and they’ll have a keepsake for years to come.

view unique, popular, and discounted announcements and invitation card design samples for your high school graduation celebration

High School Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards

Reflection Announcements and Invitations for High School Graduation

Snapshot Photo High School Graduation Invitation Announcement

Graduation Hats High School Invitation Announcement Cards

Homeschool – Homeschooling – Home Schooled Graduates for High School

Homeschooling Graduation Ladder Announcements for Home Schooled Graduates

Stylish Graduate Announcements for Homeschoolers

Home School Graduation Hat Announcements for HomeSchooled

Open House High School Graduation Party

High School Open House Graduation Invitations with Graduate Caps

Graduation Hats Off High School Open House Party Invitation Cards

Graduation Time Party Invites for High School Open House Celebration

Party Celebration for High School Graduation Celebrations

Party Invitations for High Schoolers Graduating

Color Pop Photo Party High School Invitations for Graduation Milestones

Add High School Graduation Hats to Party Invitation Cards

Thank You High School Graduation Note Cards

High School Thank You Graduation Cards

Filigree Collage Graduation High School Thank Yous with Photos

Thank You High School Graduation Class Notes

and, find lots more stylish, trendy, and inexpensive graduation announcements and invitation cards for your high school graduate by clicking the link above

As graduation season approaches, high school graduating seniors usually begin to feel the lifting of pressure from their shoulders as they wrap up projects, courses, and final exams. Most will be embarking on future plans, like technical programs, college, traveling, beginning work in the business world, or possibility enlisting in the military. The graduates’ parents usually begin breathing a sigh of relief. After all, raising a child to reach these days is truly is an accomplishment and achievement to be proud of, both for parents and the graduates.

Everyone should be mindful and remember that high school graduations are an exciting and fun experience. Many parents plan a graduation ceremony party to bring family and friends together to join in celebrating this gigantic accomplishment. With all these celebration plans, what more could an excited graduate ask for? Selecting and customizing high school graduation party invitations are not only informative but generates excitement for the graduating senior and his invited guests. From the always popular traditional to modern and unique, selecting just the right party invites for high school graduation can be creative and a memorable element of the party and graduating process.

While most people love the always popular traditional high school announcement for graduation, recent trends in graduation announcements include designs that are contrary to the norm. Multiple ways to display photos, bright colors, bold patterns, and varied typefaces are creative and imaginative ways to personalize your embellished announcement invitation card creation. Ordering graduation stationery that is unique and trendy like these make a statement and are also very party appropriate while doubling as your graduation announcements as party invitations in one is an interesting and acceptable practice.

The entire graduation season is always exciting and high anticipated, especially for the parents and graduates. There are unlimited ways to personalize these days in your graduate’s life. Remember to include his favorite or school colors along with photographs to be even more creative. Be bold and ensure a lasting create with a high school graduation announcement design that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Read lots more about popular, trendy, and stylish high school announcements invitations for graduation and graduation wordings for high school graduates written by Sarah Porter for various publications, newspapers, forums, blogs, and websites like

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Class of 2015 College Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards


Find the Most Stylish and Popular College Graduation Class of 2015 Announcement Invitation Designs to Personalize

When your thoughts turn to your college class of 2015 graduation, one of the really exciting parts is the searching and customizing your graduation announcement invitation cards for college and university. Although there are some who devote less time and energy into this than others, they are really missing out on creating truly special and lasting memories with their class of 2015 college graduation announcements and invitations, and this very monumental occasion. As you begin your search, you will want to decide whether you want a college graduation announcement, for announcing that you will or have graduated, or a university college graduation invitation for inviting guests to your commencement ceremony. Once you decide on your theme, it should be incorporate in both the invite and announcing card, but be sure and change the wordings to add a bit of the graduate’s personality. Shop for all types of university and college graduation degrees such as:

architecture; physical therapy; criminal justice; pharmacy Rx; culinary; dental; x-ray technician; healthcare; lawyer & paralegal; legal & medical assistant; medical; nursing; ophthalmology & optometry; paramedic; phlebotomy; sonography; veterinary; and dozens more.

Sampling of College Class of 2015 Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards

Senior College Class of 2015 Graduation Announcements and Invitations

College Class of 2015 Chalkboard Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards

Classic Class of 2015 Graduation Invitation Announcement for College & University Graduates

Tossing Graduation Hats Class of 2015 College Announcements & Invitations

Flourish College Graduation Class of 215 Announcements Invitations with Cap

College Graduation Class of 2015 Invitations Announcements with Hat

Cap and Swirls College Invitation Announcement for Graduating Class of 2015

Watercolor College Class of 2015 Graduate Photo Invitations Announcements

Graduation Class of 2015 Hat Announcements and Invitations for College and University

Blue Graduation Announcements & Invitations with Caps Galore for College Class of 2015

Graduating Hats Class of 2015 Party Invitations for College Graduations

Graduation Hats Galore Maroon College Class of 2015 Invitations and Announcements

Heartfelt Thank You College Graduation Note Card for Class of 2015

College Class of 2015 Graduation Thank You Note Cards

Stylish Class of 2015 College Graduation Thank You Note Cards

And, for your words, sayings, and verses, don’t stop with just the essential details such as the name of the school, your specialized degree, and graduating date, time, and place. Consider adding other aspects of the graduate and event such as what he will be doing with his degree, often something few people think about. Simply put, there are really no rules regarding what graduation announcement invitation college graduation wordings should include, so try to create your own or customize an existing sample card a bit. Many of the better school graduating websites, like, offer lots of invitation announcement graduation wording samples and ideas for college university graduates, to use.

One really fantastic and popular trend is to add a graduating photo to ensure your college invitations and university announcements are totally personal. Add some character and with bold patterns, bright and vivid colors, varied typefaces, and multiple ways to display your photograph or picture to make your customized announcement and invitation cards truly special. Graduation announcements for college are special because you are sharing a special occasion and really celebrate through an enjoyable and very unique manner. Make the occasion special and something that will always be remembered for a lifetime.

Browse the collegiate collection for college notepads, university college invitations, university stampers, and stationery for university and collegiate graduates. With every thank you college graduation note, you write, your school pride will show. These custom and unique pads are not only useful but also portrays lots of school spirit. Also, display your university and college pride by selecting a graduation announcement or invitation with your school colors and mascot. Create your own stylish college announcements and invitations for graduation with your school colors or one that features your specialized degree like law or medicine. So, for those grads wanting to show their school spirit will find exactly what they are looking for by shopping on websites like Graduation Cards Shop.

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Printed Graduation Thank You Card for School Graduates


Most Unique Graduation Thank You Card for All School Graduates

As you are searching for just the right trendy school graduation thank you card, you’ll want to ensure you stick to the highest quality card stock, regardless of the graduating level you are ordering for. Everyone knows that printed thank you graduate cards express gratitude and respect to those either who gave a gift or attended the ceremony or reception. That is why more and more people are shopping online for their totally unique and exclusive invitations, announcements and thank you stationery graduation cards, suitable for grads of all levels.

Thank You Graduation Card

Graduation Thank You Cards

Embellishing Your Graduation Thank You Card

As you are nearing the end of your search you’ll want to consider how your thank yous will look personalized and the quality of the card stock. You’ll want to look for paper that is thicker and heavier than home printer paper and free of lignin and acid too if you want them to withstand the test of time and maintain their original color. As a general rule, quality stock should be 80-pound card stock as this weight lends itself to the attractive quality and durability of your stationery. There are many websites that specialize in this quality of notes, all made only of 80-pound paper, which is lignin and acid free.

Everyone knows that professionally printed and customized thank you notes will impress the recipient with your good taste and display of respect. You can get these with matching envelopes, and pre-printed returned addresses on the envelopes you get to save you time and effort for addressing them. Many websites offer features that enable you to personalize your stationery and then preview it in real time, instantly.

Graduate Thank You Note Cards

Thank You Graduation Card

Wording Etiquette for Thank You Graduate Cards

Everyone wants to follow acceptable etiquette, especially when sending out your school graduate’s stationery. One question always seems to be when to send out the thank yous. It is recommended that you respond within two weeks from the time you received the gift or your guest hosted a party for you. Since most people tend to think about these later, many websites offer same day printing and shipping to ensure your order is received as soon as possible. And, if you requested a proof, you can generally rely on getting it emailed to you within one hour after completing your order.

School Graduate Thank Yous

Note Cards for Graduation Thank Yous

When you are wording your thank you stationery, remember that the graduate and not the parent should write the cards. The individual who receives the gift should prepare and mail the notes personally. And, your grad can’t get away with contending that he doesn’t know what to write, since many websites offer lots of samples that may be used free of charge. And, for that really special touch, you might consider ordering our blank cards so you can hand write your expressions of gratitude. Who wouldn’t appreciate that?

Since graduations are so special, regardless of the level of education being completed, most websites go the extra mile in offering you lots of additional and spectacular features while ordering. Not only can you preview your printable graduation thank you card, you can add an additional 10 free cards and enjoy free shipping.

Read about Personalizing Your School Graduation Thank You Card, Creative Thank You Graduation Card Wordings, Popular School Graduation Thank You Note Cards, and lots more written by Sarah Porter for

Personalize Your Thank You Graduate Cards and Then Instantly Preview Before You Pay

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Popular School Graduation Invitations Announcements Stationery


Creating School Graduation Invitations for Pre-K to College Graduates

Personalized school graduation invitations are available in handmade and professionally designed graduate invitation announcement stationery cards. Lots of people choose professionally designed school graduation announcements because they offer so many advantages. First, you have the option of printable stationary cards without spending the time struggling to format your own designs. But, as an alternative and certainly more important, you can have your law school graduation invitation, for example, or, say med school gradation announcement made to order at lots of e-commerce websites like GraduationCardsShop.

Law School Graduation Invitations

Law School Graduation Announcement

Graduation Scales of Justice Invitations
Regular Price: $1.89
Discounted Price: $1.39
Save 26%

Med School Graduation Invitation

Med School Graduation Invitations

Graduation Reflections School Announcement
Regular Price: $1.89
Discounted Price: $1.39
Save 26%

Graduate School Invitation Announcement Cards

Graduation School Announcement

Graduation Border School Announcement
Regular Price: $1.89
Discounted Price: $1.39
Save 26%

Look for those websites that offer lot of creative, one-of-a-kind, cards for the preschooler celebrations all the way through advanced college university events with specialty degrees like law school, med school, technical, and lots more.

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School Graduation Stationery for All Graduates


Graduation Stationery for High School Invitations and College Announcements

Creative and popular graduation stationery is used not only to communicate with others but to announce the celebration of a graduate’s major academic achievements. Whether graduating from high school or from college, graduation announcements are the once-in-a-lifetime event. If you just want to let everyone know about a grad’s academic success, you can get attractive graduation invitations online to invite family and friends to the ceremony. You can also get amazingly beautiful graduation party invitations if you plan on hosting a party or reception after a graduate’s ceremony.

Graduate Announcement Stationary

Graduation Invitation Stationery

Graduation Stationery Wording

When you are choosing wordings, sayings, or verses for your invitation announcement stationary cards, you might want to pen a rough draft first. You can take a look at sample wording offered on many online websites and mimic the same style, or you can come up with something entirely your own and creative. You’ll want to include the graduate’s special accomplishments, as well as the name of the high school or college graduating from.

Graduation Announcements Stationery

Invitations for School Graduate Stationery

You’ll certainly want to include the name of the school or university that the student attended, and the date the ceremony. You can include the time of the event if you are sending invitation cards to the event or the reception afterwards. As you design your graduate invitation wording for your stationary cards, you can preview them before you actually place your order. The patented preview features enable you to see how your words looks on the invitations and announcements you choose long before you pay.

Addressing Graduation Invitations

Embellished graduation invitation cards should be properly addressed. While a graduation is a time of celebration, it is also a serious event demanding an equally serious approach to how you handle your stationary. Most sites will include Avon Crest matching white envelopes with your order. You can have the envelopes personalized with your return address so that you don’t have to write out your address on each envelope before mailing. However, you’ll need to pay close attention to ensure you carefully print recipient addresses on the front of every envelope. Be sure to write out the names in full.

Timing the Delivery of Graduation Announcements

When you are sending your graduation announcement cards to announce someone’s graduation, you may mail these either before or after the actual ceremony. However, it is better to mail these well in advance of the actual date of the event so the receipts will ample time to buy and send a gift. Announcements for graduation are usually sent to those not invited to the ceremony and to those who live too far away to attend.

Graduation Party Invitations: Little Extras Mean a Lot

When you are getting your graduation stationary ready for mailing, think about every detail. For instance, if you are sending invites to a grad party, you might want to include printed maps or clearly driving directions to the location of the party. Since there are often many school parties taking place that this time, you’ll want to get your invites in the mail as early as possible so your invited guests can make plans to attend your celebration.

You can get your graduation stationery online with same day printing and your proof within one hour by looking for those sites that offer these advantages.

Your Graduation Announcement Stationery Proof Within 1 Hour

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Invitation Announcement Stationery for School Graduation


Make Your Preschooler Feel All Grown Up by Getting School Graduation Invites and Announcements

While the notion of school graduation may stir up images of the high school senior moving onto college or the college student transitioning into the real world work environment, really graduation occurs several times in a person’s life. One of the most important graduation events is when a preschooler prepares to enter into kindergarten – it’s a big move for a child and the occasion is definitely worthy of a celebration.

School Graduation Announcement

School Graduation Announcements

Parents can let their kids know just how grown up they have become by getting school graduation announcements and school graduation invitations for a friendly and joyous grad celebration making the moment when the preschooler moves up into the world of kindergarten.

Uses for School Graduation Invites and Announcing Stationery

Cards announcing your child’s moving up ceremony can be sent out to distant relatives as well as to close family members who might not otherwise be able to attend the event. Sending out cards announcing your child’s educational transitioning not only make the child feel important, but it also lets others know that they are important enough to you and your family to receive notification of your child’s academic progress.

School Graduation Invitations

School Graduation Announcement Cards

Invitations, on the other hand, can be used to invite grandparents, aunts, uncles, and close friends to your child’s big day.

Letting Kids Choose School Graduation Announcements

Parents can increase the level of importance a child feels by giving them some say over the invitation and announcing stationery design. Parents should take some time to spend with a child to explore card styles and embellishments. Kids can pick out attractive cards and they can sometimes help with picking out the colors used on the printed words or the kinds of fonts the words are printed in too. If a parent decides to add a photo to stationery selections, then the child should be encourage to pick out a picture that they are really proud of or that they like.

School graduation for preschoolers is an important accomplishment, one many parents choose to honor and mark with a festive celebration.

Complete School Graduation Invitations Embellishments

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Printed Graduation Thank You Cards for Expressing Your Thanks


Tips on How to Express Thanks with Graduation Thank You Cards

Graduates who want to stick to good etiquette need to invest in high quality, eye catching graduation thank you cards. With graduation than you notes it is possible to demonstrate that the grad is an appreciative individual. A thank you graduation card should be sent to anyone who has given a gift or to anyone who has attended a grad’s party or celebration.

Thank You Graduate Card

Graduate Thank Yous

The Design of Your Graduation Thank You Cards

Choosing a design for your thank you notes should involve seeking out stationery that has a soft, elegant or sophisticated style and feel. Cards that express gratitude are generally informal, and there are plenty of attractive selections to choose from – you can easily personalize your choices by adding images from the party or gathering too. If you want to add another personal touch, you can get blank notes so you can write out your appreciation in your own handwriting. When you mail the notes out, you can add decorative envelope seals as well to make the mailing even more attractive. If you want to save time in mailing, you might want to consider getting envelopes with a pre-printed return address.

Graduation Thank You Notes – What They Should Say

Graduation School Thank Yous

Thank You Graduation Card

When sending out notes in appreciation of a gift received, mentioning the specific gift is good etiquette. If one fails to mention the gift received the expression of appreciation can looked rushed or even generic. It might be a good idea to suggest how you will make use of the gift you were given too. The only time one should not be specific in relation to a gift is if the gift was monetary in nature; it is not necessary to mention the amount one receives, only one’s gratitude and how one will use the money in the future. Alternatively, if you are thanking someone for coming to a grad party, you can tell them how much their attendance meant to you.

The Quality of Graduate Thank You Notes Stationery Paper

Thank you note cards are usually printed of paper that is thicker and heavier than the paper used for ordinary correspondence. It is recommended that the card stock be lignin and acid free, if you want your stationery to maintain their original quality and color. As a minimum, the thickness should be made of 80 pound card stock, as this quality lends to the attractive quality and durability of your stationary. You’ll want to look to those e-commerce sites that sells note cards made only of 80 pound paper, and preferably it is also free of lignin and acid.

The more personal you make your Graduation thank you cards, the more appreciative the card recipient will be when he receives your well-thought-out expressions of appreciation.

Gigantic Thank You Graduation Card Selections

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Unique College Graduation Invitations Guaranteed to Impress


Popular College Graduation Invitations and Announcement Wording Samples

Announcement wording and the phrases one uses on college graduate invitations differs greatly, which is because invites and university graduation announcements serve two different purposes. While both an invite and an announcing card share information and they are a form of communication, the invitation extends an actual invite, while an announcement simply states that something has already happened or it is about to occur.

Graduate Announcements for University

Invitations for College Graduation

Getting the right words down on paper is not as troubling as one might first think – with a few hints you can develop appropriate wording for all your stationery.

College Graduation Invitations and Wording Formality

When preparing grad invites, it’s important to use clear, concise wording and you’ll want to choose a font style that is easy on the eyes, but also attractive. As you formulate the words you will use, remember to consider the formality of the event, since this will shape the wording you end up using. If you are only having a party list consisting of close family and friends you can be a bit casual with your words, but if you are having a formal get together, the wording should also be formal. On a formal invite you might use words like “Mr. and Mrs. John A. Doe cordially invite you to attend a graduation celebration…,” but on a casual invite you can use words like “you’re invited to a graduation party…,” which gives your wording a softer, more welcoming tone.

Wording University Graduation Announcements

College Graduation Invitation Cards

University Graduate Announcement

Announcing stationery will definitely host wording that differs from the wording you use on an invitation – this is because you are merely announcing the big event, but you are not extending an invite to the person receiving the announcing card. You can use a bit of ornate or elaborate language on announcing cards like, “We are overjoyed by the recent graduation of our son/daughter…,” or “We are delighted to share our pride as our son/daughter graduates.”  You should also make mention of any special academic achievements your child has – for instance, if the grad is graduating “Summa cum laude,” it’s an achievement worth mentioning.

As you are browsing the various websites with your favorite school stationery, you will find that most sites have an entire section for sample wordings, sayings and verses designed to assist you. You may use their samples verbatim, use part their ideas and your ideas, or you can go with you very own words. Regardless, your creative wording ideas will certainly ensure you stationary is totally your own.

College graduation invitations and announcing cards, when perfectly worded, will get your message and information across clearly and respectfully.

Read more about Most Unique College Graduation Invitations, Stylish University Graduation Announcements, Discounted College Graduation Cards, and lots more written by Sarah Porter for GraduationCardsShop.

Express University Graduation Announcements Shipping

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Graduation Cards Honoring Your School Graduate


Ideas for Ordering Impressively Unique Graduation Cards

Every graduate who is transitioning out of high school or college is a unique person and the graduation cards one uses should be just as unique as the graduate. There are plenty of ways that a grad can stick to tradition when it comes to getting a graduation announcements card set or a graduation invitations card set, but there are also some innovative ways of straying from tradition – doing so will ensure cards that are unique and memorable.

Graduation Invitations Card

Graduation Cards

There are so many ways that cards can be decorated and designed that a graduate will have little difficulty coming up with a style that easily expresses his or her individuality.

Decorative and Attractive Graduation Cards

Many parents put pictures of the new high school or college grad on the front of an announcement cards. When looking to create a unique announcement, why not add an image of your teen in the high school band, in the choir club singing, or wearing his or her football uniform?  If the announcing cards are for college grads and the graduate participated in any extracurricular groups, you might want to consider using logos or club/organizational images on announcements. Alternatively, if your teen or the soon to be college grad was the winner of any academic awards, a photo of the award can also serve as a unique image for your stationery or a grad might also like to have an image of the school’s mascot as the primary depiction on selected stationery products.

Graduation Invitation Cards

Graduation Announcements Card

Graduation Announcements Card Designs

The tradition that many grads follow when it comes to choosing announcement colors is to stick to colors matching school colors. A graduate can stray from convention by choosing colors that he or she favors if such colors are not the same as the school colors. Alternatively, school colors can be used in the card’s embellishments and the grad can choose decorative, elegant fonts and colorful inks to have words printed in as well.

Graduation cards for announcing one’s academic accomplishments can be easily customized to meet a stationery buyer’s preferences.

Preview Your Graduation Invitations Card Before You Pay

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