ensure your college announcement invitation wordings include all your graduating details to your invited guests

Help Creating Your College Graduation Announcement and Invitation Wordings

Unique college graduation wording for announcement invitation cards are an excellent way to tell your family, friends and acquaintances that you are graduating and are proud of your significant educational achievements and accomplishments. After all, graduating from a college or university is a time to crow about your achievements. Personalizing your university graduation wordings on graduation invitations and announcements is the best way to ensure all the details are included and correct when you send them out to invite those special people to your ceremony or announce you have graduated others. And, while ordering your invitation and announcement cards, it's a good idea to order your matching college thank you cards to have them available when needed and ensure they complement your other graduating stationery.

College and University Graduation Announcement and Invitation Wording Samples

The President, Faculty and
Graduating Class of
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette
announce that

Reagan Simpson

is a candidate for the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Marketing
with a minor in French Language
at the Commencement Exercises

(add graduating details)

The Faculty and Senior Class of
Penn Valley Community College
cordially invite you to attend the
graduation of

Kimberly L. Richards

with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degrees
in Management Information Systems & Management

(add graduating details)

The University of Louisiana at Monroe
is pleased to announce that

Larry Wayne Porter

is a candidate for the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
at its Commencement Exercises

(add graduating details)

A time to remember
A time to reflect
A time to celebrate
with family and friends

Please join us in attending
the graduation of our daughter,

Julia Alice Porter

(add graduating details)

We do not fear the future,
for we are the future
because of what we have achieved
and what we will achieve

You are cordially invited
to the graduation of our son,

Larry Wayne Porter

from Benton State University

(add graduating details)

The portraits of my childhood
are almost complete
The last few paintings have
required lots of dedication

Please join me,

Alice Helen Porter

to view my final masterpiece
at my graduation from
Randolph University

(add graduating details)

Every yesterday is a memory of dreams
Every tomorrow is a vision of hopes
Please share in our joy as our son,

Larry Anthony Porter

graduates from
The University of Colorado

(add graduating details)

As our final year comes to an end
we pause to reflect upon the many memories
which have brought us tears and joy

Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Porter
request the honor
of your presence
at the graduation of our son,

Larry Stanley Porter

from The University of Washington

(add graduating details)

With great pride, I

Jonathan Allen Porter, III

proudly announce
my graduation from
Northlake Community College

Please help celebrate my achievement
and witness my passage
at the Commencement Exercises

(add graduating details)

Let's get together and toast the Grads,
after four years plus we're more than glad!

Accomplishments like this deserve some praise
So to the graduates, our glasses we raise!

You are cordially invited to attend
the graduation of our daughter,

Sandy Rene Porter

(add graduating details)

We wish to share this time with you,
to laugh, to smile and to cry.
Because, before we realize
precious years may go by.

We, the Senior Class of
Texas A & M University
announce our Commencement Ceremony

Jennifer Nicole Rushing

(add graduating details)

"To accomplish great things,
we must not only act but also dream,
not only plan but also believe."
~ Anatole France

Join us in celebrating

Janice Marie Porter's

graduation and attainment
of her Doctorate in Psychology
from The University of California

(add graduating details)

The Faculty and Senior Class of
The University of South Carolina

announce that

Harry Stanley Porter

is a candidate for the degree of
Electrical Engineering
with a minor in French Language

Commencement Exercises

(add graduating details)

It is with great pleasure
we announce that our son,

Stanly Harry Porter

is a candidate for the degree of
Doctorate of Internal Medicine
from Yale Medical School

Please join us at the
Commencement Exercises

(add graduating details)

Please join us as we celebrate the
graduation of

Janie Rene Porter

from Tarrant County Community College

(add graduating details)

A time to remember
A time to share
A time to celebrate
with family and friends

Please join us in attending the
Commencement Exercises of

Jacqueline Theresa Blakely

(add graduating details)

With the passing of time
we have acquired knowledge
understanding, and friendship.
With the help of many we are
prepared to meet tomorrow's challenges.

Please join us to celebrate

Randy Wayne Porter's

Graduation from
Eubanks University

(add graduating details)

There's been days of joys
and hours of tears
But it was all worth it!

Please join us to celebrate
the graduation of our daughter,

Janie Rene Porter

(add graduating details)

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