Interesting Details about Baccalaureate Graduates

Read About School Graduation Baccalaureate and its History

The graduation baccalaureate really means the person is graduating from college with a Bachelor's degree. The tradition is said to have begun in the 1400's at Oxford University when each graduate was expected to make a speech. Nowadays, it's typically only those with the most honor rankings, such as the valedictorian, who speak to the assembly, but, unlike the early days, it's rarely done in Latin. The number of those who speak varies from school to school.

Religious Aspects of the Graduating Baccalaureate

Some bring in a special keynote speaker, such as a former president or another dignitary who may have graduated from that particular school to address the graduates and assembled guests at the baccalaureate ceremonies. Depending on the school, the service might be part of the actual graduation ceremony or it is often held before the actual handing out of the diploma. The original services were very religious in nature and included a Catholic Mass. Although a few some schools, mostly religious in nature, still follow this tradition, most others have more of an interfaith theme. The graduates may or may not opt to attend though many consider this to be a tradition that they want to participate. Public schools are less likely to hold services than involve a religious aspect that some of the private schools that still consider a part of their tradition.

Meaning and Origination of the Word

When it comes to history, the very word baccalaureate originates from Latin, bacca meaning bachelor and lauri, meaning laurels. Laurels is not the flowering shrubbery but for the term honor, which is why it's stuck with graduation since it is considered an honor to receive a school degree. If you think back to the times of Caesar, they wore laurels as modified crowns to show their importance and being honored in the community. Some of the pomp and circumstance of this school pageantry stems back to that time period. It's strictly a personal matter as to the level of formality you want with the graduating ceremony.

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