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The history of graduation diplomas is interesting, especially if we separate facts from fiction. As you learn more about diplomas and graduating certificates for preschool, kindergarten, homechoolers, and school graduates, there'll be lots of myths and / or misconceptions to dispel. While the term "sheepskin" has been intertwined as a word for the diploma, the word actually comes from Greek and Latin for "folded paper" since initially formal governmental and then educational documents were rolled or folded. Although many believe the use of sheepskin happened hundreds of years ago, but in reality, some places still use it. However, today, it's called "parchment" and many of the schools in the United States that switched from parchment to paper, did so in the 1950's when the cost and quality of the parchment paper became an issue.

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Preschool Graduate Certificate

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Unique School Graduate Diplomas and Graduating Etiquette

About the time that the rolling of a diploma was discontinued as part of the graduation etiquette, and the diploma for graduations started to be given in leather binders. And, this switch created controversy in some areas, with some grads upset that they were being given paper instead of the traditional sheepskin parchment. Many went so far as to write letters that appeared in local newspapers complaining about the switch to paper.

What to do with a Diploma for Graduations?

After the graduating ceremony has ended and you've enjoyed your fun party, written and sent your thank you cards, and are ready to embark on your career, deciding what do with that unique diploma becomes the big question. If you have office space as opposed to a cubicle set up, you may opt to frame it on a wall. However, we strongly recommended that you use caution if framing. Whenever possible, you'll want to have it professionally framed and matted, so that if you ever need or want to remove it, you'll not discover it was stuck to the glass of the frame and is forever ruined.

A popular alternative is to make several copies of it before framing, and put one copy in a safety deposit box or fireproof box. That way if you need a copy to send to join a professional organization or as a part of a resume package, you will have it readily available, thus you are always prepared. Inexpensive diplomas are ideal for kindergarten, homeschool, high school, trade school, and any other specialty education where standard ones are not issues.

Creative Graduation Certificates for the Little Preschool Tots

And, what about the little preschool grads? Aren't they entitle to something for all their hard work and dedication. As they are decked out in their small fry graduation caps and gowns, why not make it truly special by giving each their very own school grad certificate of completion? Can you image the pride and excitement generated for the parents, oh, and yea, the little ones too? Look to our large section of totally unique and creative certificates for preschool graduates.

As you are reading all about a little guy's grad certificate and graduation diplomas, look to us for all your invitation announcement stationery needs also.