make your graduation party open house invitation wordings to impressive, your guests will want to attend

Colorful Graduation Open House Party Invitation Wording Samples

One of the rituals of graduating is the graduate party or a gaining popular idea of the graduation open house party. Having school graduate parties is a great way to let everyone know of your achievements. You'll want to invite all your friends and family members to a special gathering to celebrate this significant accomplishment - your graduation. And, the best way to do this is to create personalized graduation party invitation wording with all the details. Or, if you're planning the alternative, you'll want to carefully craft your graduate open house invitations wording to ensure your invited guests do not confuse the two. For help in getting just the right words for your party invitation stationery cards, we invite you to view our extensive collection of invite wording ideas, verses, and sayings for all type fun grad parties.

Find Lots of Graduating Party & Open House Invitation Wording Samples Below Cards

Shelia Anderson
will be hosting a
Graduation Party
for her daughter

Renee Elise Anderson

on Friday, the sixth of May
at three o'clock in the afternoon
Street, City, State

RSVP to Shelia
555.555.5555 or

The future belongs to us
We can make a difference
If we believe!

Jane and Mark Owens

cordially invites you to a
Graduation Open House
in honor of our son,

Bryan Christopher

(add graduating details)

Let's get together and toast the Grads,
after four years plus we're more than glad!

Accomplishments like this deserve some praise,
so to the graduates, our glasses we raise!

Join us for a Graduation Party
in honor of

Blake Planes

(add graduating details)

Celebrate... School is done!
Lookout world, here I come!

Please join in the celebration at
Becky's Open House Party

(add party details)

Please join us as we celebrate
the High School Graduation
of our daughter,

Elaine Thompson

at a Graduation Party

(add party details)

Toss out the confetti
Let the balloons fly high
Scoop up some glitter
and "Sparkle the Sky"
Graduation is near for one special girl
Merritt's life is all in a whirl!

Please join us for an
Open House Party honoring

Merritt Tidwell

(add party details)

Elizabeth and Lara
are graduating,
so we're celebrating!

Please join us for a
Graduation Party
given by their proud parents
Beth and Rusty Hill

(add party details)

Celebrate... School is done!
Lookout world, here I come!

Sandy Elise Porter

will graduate from
Oak Valley High School

Sandy's Open House Party

(add graduating party details)

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Porter
cordially invite you to attend a
Graduation Party Celebration
for our daughter

Rene Elise Porter

on Saturday, the sixth of June
at siz o'clock in the afternoon
Street, City, State

RSVP to Sarah 555.555.5555

Sarah and Sidney Porter
cordially invite you to attend a
Graduation Party Celebration
for our daughter

Rene Elise Porter

Friday, June 6th at 4:00 p.m.
Street, City, State

RSVP to Sarah 555.555.5555

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Popular Party Invitation Wording Expressions for Graduations

A party invitation wordings should reflect that it is sent to only those guests you have invited. These type celebrations are usually more organized and fewer people attend. Here's a summary of this type celebration:

  • It is for close friends, acquaintances, and special guests, not the general public
  • You'll want to decide whether to invite children of friends and relatives
  • The invitation cards should be mailed separately from other graduate stationery
  • Include in your invite wordings to give your guests the option of bringing a gift
  • Indicate if the celebration includes a meal, especially if it is in the evening
  • Include easy to read directions to help guests find the location
  • Always hand address your invite

Expressive Graduate Wordings for Open House Invitation Cards

When planning your party or open house celebrations, you should determine which of these two you want to really have, as there are some significant graduate wordings distinctions between the two. An open house differs from a party in many ways and usually includes.

  • An open house party is an everyone is invited celebration. Simply tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, the graduate's friends, parent's friends, whomever, the more the merrier; and
  • Your printable invitations should not be mailed with your school invitation announcement cards. Rather, mail them separately, usually at least two weeks prior to the date of the event

So, as you can see, the graduation party invitation wording will vary depending on the type celebration you are planning.