Interesting History of Graduation Rings

Know the Details About School Graduation Rings

The graduation ring is said to have it initial ties to the first graduating class with the United States Military Academy at West Point as far back as 1835. The custom of rings, particularly the signet ring dates back to ancient history when specially designed rings were used as seals in place of signatures. While some groups in history have used jewelry, including the school graduate ring, as a means to signify their secret membership. Perhaps, one of the best examples of this is the Knights of the Templar.

Original Rings for Graduations

Although you will find lots of websites claiming to sell original or replica rings from as far back as the time period of the Crusades, but most, if not all, are fakes since few rings exist during those time periods. And, for those that are genuine, you are unlikely to find one on an online auction site. Nevertheless, lots of people enjoy reading about the history of the rings for graduation and find it to be interesting, plus, it all adds to this excitement of receiving your diploma for graduation.

As you or your child approaches the graduating season, your interest in the history and tales of lore behind it and to know how many before them followed the same traditions become more active. However, being independent thinking as most grads are, many will prefer to make their own new traditions, while many mix new traditions with the old. Basically, this is how all of these school graduate traditions began, with one person, then a group, then growing in number over time.

The School Graduating Ring and It's History

As a general practice, most school grads purchase their graduation ring several months in advance. But, for those who have not, for whatever reason, ordering one in secreticy for them can be very pleasant surprise. As far as getting the correct size, you might want to borrow one from a friend that you know will fit and use it to measure the ring size. For those who live away from home, your best bet might be to enlist the help of a roommate or friend to secretively measure their size for you.

And, what about the old, and often used term, 'graduation bling'? This often used, but seldom understood term simply means a type of honor, or honors, that are expressed, outwardly or internally, when you are graduating from a school or academic institution. A few examples include special awards or recognition for high G.P.A. (like magna cum laude, cum laude, summa cum laude), member of the honor society, and perhaps even unusual acknowledges for fireworks for completing being a badass.

Ordering Your School Ring

We all know that ordering a grad ring takes time and is definitely not a last minute gift, you'll want to do some planning. If your grad is a member of a fraternity or sorority or another organized school group, you might want to consider special recognition of this being added to the ring. As they get on with their after graduation life, they'll likely meet others who belonged to the same fraternity or sorority, or went to the same school and the identifiable ring will be the identifier. This is exactly how the signet rings began when, organizationally. Although the secret password is not so much a part of the tradition, the ring certainly is.

For all these reasons, most graduates use the graduation rings as a permanent keepsake and memory moment.