Graduation Times to Remember

Most Popular Graduation Times to Remember for Any School Graduate

One of the more common element of this special event that binds everyone is what we call the graduation time to remember. After years of dedication, studying, and maybe a bit of fun along the way, graduating time is here! It's the time that includes some very memorable occasions and events as well as the opportunity for each graduating student and family to start their own traditions or follow through those of past grads who came before them as a part of their celebration.

Forever Remembering Your Graduation Days and Time

As a family owned business that specializes in creative school invitation announcement stationary cards, we know the academic costume standards. Therefore, if you want to be precise when it comes to sharing those times to remember with your guests, you won't see lemon when you really needed yellow gold to represent your theme to go with a science degree. The original creation of graduating colors came from differentiating the different educational levels of degrees. But, today, lots of schools have adopted own school colors. In the early days, the colors for schools were a good indication of where the school came from and what it specialized in when it was first created.

Fondly Remembering the Graduating Times

No matter how the traditions a graduate decides to embrace, remembering the graduating times is one thing still shared in common from then to now. Interestingly, some schools even had a different color for female grads than the male grad. The traditional colors of the cap and gowns are black, white and blue, though the trim and other decorations change depending on the school and the level of degree. While some schools opt for all of the graduates to wear the same color, in college it's common for the graduates, regardless of their gender to wear one prescribed color of gown with the color variation being on the degree that is being earned.

The color gold for tassels was originally exclusive to the doctorate graduate, but there are schools, especially high schools that use gold as their graduate colors. The standards set when it comes to colors for colleges is established, but there is no nationalized governing board when it comes to high schools, community colleges or most other schools.

Gradation Time and School Details - Good and Not So Good Days

If you are attending the same college or university that other family members have also attended and are approaching graduation, the pressure to follow tradition might be difficult depending on what you have in mind. For example, your grandfather might have worn a black gown with gold trim as a part of his graduation garb that someone has their heart set on you wearing. However, this you will need to check with the school to ensure this is permissionable.

While the wearing of color might extend back to the early days of your family's history, it might not be something you want to so. Also, depending on what course of study you pursue, it may not be appropriate. Certain traditions should be followed, such as men removing their hats while the national anthem, the pledge of allegiance and a religious invocation are being performed. Women are exempt from the hat removal during these ceremonies, probably in part because of hair pins or bobby pins to keep the hats squarely on their heads instead of titled back.

So, enjoy the entire graduating experience and ensure you experience is truly a graduation time to remember.