Graduation Valedictorian - What is All Means

Interesting Details About School Graduation Valedictorian - How to Win This Honor

The graduation valedictorian is someone who graduates with the highest ranking in their class. It's a huge academic milestone that merits additional recognition from family and friends as a part of the graduation celebration. At school graduation events, the number of those who speak varies. Some schools bring in a special keynote speaker such as a former president or another dignitary who may have graduated from that particular school to address the special guests, including the valedictorian graduate other graduates and assembled guests. Find lots more about graduation at

Valedictorian graduation specially designed cards or themes are one way you can acknowledge this meritorious graduate valedictorian achievement as you share the news about your graduate. Whether their school ranks based on grades or by a vote of the student body, we can have the perfect graduation invitations memorialize this event.

A Varied Selection of Graduation Valedictorian Invitations

We provide a whole range of options to recognize these accomplishments, for the cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude, salutatorian or graduation announcements valedictorian honoree. Graduation is one of the huge milestones as an accomplishment and if your graduate has earned extra educational honors, making note of that in a graduation invitation and graduation announcement not only shows your pride in their accomplishments but creates a keepsake moment. With the quality graduation card stock we offer, your graduation valedictorian invites will stand the test of time.

Salutatorian vs. Valedictorian - What's the Difference?

While the graduate receiving the highest grade point average is bestowed the title of "valedictorian", the person earning the second highest grade point average is given the title of "salutatorian". Although in both cases, the grade point average (GPA) is the primary consideration, there are other criteria such as extracurricular activities and other non-academic factors. The word is derived from the salutatorian's traditional role as the 1st speaker at the graduation ceremonies. He, in essence, delivers the salutation. Conversely, the valedictorian typically speaks last, delivering the valediction. Usually, both speeches follow a general theme of growth, thankfulness, and outlook towards the future.

Honoring Your Graduation Valedictorian

If your graduate has earned top ranking in their class, that creates an additional air of celebration and honor to the entire graduation experience. The word valedictorian is Latin and derived from the phrase vale dicere, which means to say farewell. And, for many graduates the graduation ceremony will be a farewell to many of those they have spent the last several years with!

The additional, honor whether it's through the highest grades or by a vote of the student body, is one that deserves recognition with a specific invitation announcement card. While this level of honor exists in most school settings, it's not called valedictorian everywhere. For example, in Australia it would be called, "dux" rather than our choice of words, graduation valedictorian.