Graduation Wording Ideas and Samples for Preschool Kindergarten Graduations

Use Creative Kindergarten Preschool Graduation Wordings to Announce Your Little One's Accomplishments

As your little one is approaching his biggest education milestone, what parent doesn't want to announce to the whole world how proud you are? And, the best way to do this is to create your own personalized kindergarten and preschool graduation announcement invitation wording or, if applicable, colorful preschool graduate invitation wording. Typically, these are the most accepted means of telling family, friends, and acquaintances that you are going to be a proud parent of a preschooler or kindergarten grad. After all, these first time ceremonies are a time to crow about your child's educational achievement.

Invitation Announcement Wordings for Preschoolers and Kindergarten Grads

Twinkle, twinkle our little star,
to this proud mom and dad, that's what you are.
In our hearts, you shine so bright,
on this, your graduation night.
Your kindergarten year is done
and soon, you'll start grade number one.
Then, on to high school and college

(add graduating details)

I counted numbers many times,
and learned to color inside the lines . . .
I can read and I can write,
if I try with all my might.

My mommy and daddy
are proud of me
I often sit and read
sitting upon their knee

Please come to my
Kindergarten Graduation

(add graduating details)

I can tie my own shoes, even with a grin . . .
Please come and watch me graduate
with all of my friends!

Please join us to celebrate the
Preschool Graduation for our son,

Jeffrey Paul Reynolds

(add graduating details)

I'm so excited! I've just got to tell all.
I've been going to kindergarten since last fall.
I've learned many many things you see!
I'll be a master of Kinder Arts
when I get my degree!

We are proud to announce the
Kindergarten Graduation of
our son,

Keven Wayne Porter

Add Details Here

I learned how to count to ten,
and color inside the lines.
I can tidy up my desk
and even close the blinds.

Please join us as our son,

Joseph Michael Ross

graduates from Kindergarten

(add graduating details)

I learned my A,B,C's and 1,2,3's
to tie my shoes and when to say "please"
It's time to move on,
I've had lots of fun
But look out Grade One Here I Come!

Kaitlin Paige Blair
is graduating from Kindergarten

(date, time, location
and other details

Now I learned to color
and even to be a teacher's aid . . .
It's time for the next big step,
I've been told it's First Grade!

Please join the Grant Family as

Brittany Michelle Grant

receives her Kindergarten Diploma

(date, time, location
and any other details)

Come see how I've grown
and how I've changed,
but don't be surprised
I plan to go out with a bang!

Join my family and me,

Jacob Bristol

as I graduate from
Bright Steps Learning Academy

(add graduating details)

Kindergarten graduation
is the end of a beginning.
Now we start the numbered grades,
Dancing through the years of grace.
Ends require celebration,
Rituals of well-earned winning,
Giving kids the accolades
A dancer needs to keep the pace.

(add details here)

K is for Kindergarten -hip, hip, hooray!
I is for imagination we use everyday
N is for numbers — we now know one, two, three
D is for drawing, the best you can see
E is for exercise to keep our bodies strong
R is for reading books all day long
G is for good friends - we made more each day
A is for the alphabet we know how to say
R is for remembering everything we learned
T is for treats every Friday we earned
E is for excitement - This year we've had lots
N is for next year. First grade here we come!!

(enter details here)

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Really Cute Wording, Saying, and Verse Samples for Kindergarten and Preschoolers

There are few basic items that should be included in your invitation announcement stationery cards, like the time, place, and date. However, lots of parents usually include a personal and thoughtful message, and this is where some people get their writers' block. However, not to fret! We're here to the rescue with our gigantic database of sample wordings, sayings, and verses. As you browse our samples, you'll find hundreds of great preschool graduation invitation wordings that we have accumulated over the years and have been used by thousands of preschoolers and kindergarten graduates in the past.

So, help yourself. Feel free to use any of our creative kindergarten graduation announcement wording ideas and verses we have on our display cards or create your own. Congratulations upon your graduation, and best of luck to you.