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As you are creating the most appropriate nursing school graduation announcement wording for your nurse pinning ceremony invitation stationery cards, you'll need to ensure they include the basic information like the date, time, and place. And, using our patented customization features, you have the total freedom for being creative and can add any nurse graduate invitation announcement wordings, sayings, or verses you want. Let's say you want one nurse pinning ceremony invitation for family members and you want a nursing school graduation announcement for friends or even a separate nurse graduation party invitation for co-workers or a less formal announcement for your friends. That's not a problem, as we at can help you at each step along the way. Regardless of the occasion, you can definitely rely on Graduation Cards Shop for the most creative wording samples found anywhere online.

Find Pinning Ceremony Invitation Wordings and Nursing School Graduation Announcement Wording Samples Below Cards

The President, Faculty and
Graduating Class of
The University of North Carolina
at Greensboro announce that

Amy Mays Elsey

is a candidate for the degree of
Master of Science
Nurse Practitioner Program

Pinning Ceremony

(enter details here)

You are cordially invited
to attend the Graduation of

William Todd Albritton

who is a candidate for the degree of
Master of Science in Nursing
Registered Nurse Program

Pinning Ceremony Commencement

(enter details here)

Soon... Jeanne will be licensed
to nurse your little bo-bos,
and other aches
from your head to your toes...
You are cordially invited
to attend the Graduation of

Jeanne Harden

who is a candidate for
the degree of
Associate of Applied Science
in Nursing

(add details here)

Nursing school is history
a closed chapter in my book of life
Now I'm a Nurse trying
to heal the sick,
the innocent, a new life

Please join us to celebrate the
Graduation of our son,

Alexander Morales

from Claymore Nursing School

(add details here)

"And He sent them out to preach
the kingdom of God and to heal the sick."
Luke 9:2

God takes many forms
and one is in the spirit of a nurse

April Joan Nolan

has graduated from
The University of Alabama
with a Masters Degree in
Obstetric/Gynecological Nursing

(add details here)

The root meaning of salvation
is healing
and healing means so much more
than curing a sickness
or mending an injury.
Healing is sight to the blind
and insight to the seeker.
It's a voice for those silenced
by years' of intimidation.

(enter graduating details here)

I solemnly pledge myself before God
and in the presence of this assembly,
to pass my life in purity and to
practice my profession faithfully.
I will abstain from whatever is
deleterious and mischievous, and will
not take or knowingly administer any harmful drugs
. . . and devote myself to the welfare
of those committed to my care.

Partial Florence Nightingale Pledge

(add graduating details)

Nurses Orders

Signs and Symptoms:
Fatigue, Insomnia, Chronic GI Upset and
Altered Mental Status

0.9% Nutritional imbalance
due to long-term studying

Pinning Ceremony & Graduation Exercises
(date, time and location of both)

For Alice Marie Porter

Nursing is an art!
and if it is to be made an art,
It requires an exclusive devotion
as hard a preparation,
as any painters or sculptors work...
~ Florence Nightingale

I am pleased to announce that I,

Lauren Elizabeth Marks

am receiving my
Master of Science Degree in Nursing

(add graduating details here)

Tiffany's vitals are off the chart
We always knew that she was smart
It's time to celebrate with family and friends
and anyone else who attends

No more late nights cramming for an exam
No more missed dinners with family and friends

Please join us to celebrate her accomplishments

(add details here)

Graduation is upon us.
All the grueling hours of study and
clinical lab time has been put in...

Now the real journey
is about to begin!

The career I have chosen will allow me
to devote myself to the welfare of
those committed to my car.

Please join me in celebrating
my nurse pinning ceremony

(add graduation details)

'Nursing is an art:
And if it is to be made and art,
it requires an exclusive devotion
as hard a preparation as any,
painter's or sculptor's work'¦'
-Florence Nightengale

I, am pleased to announce that I,

Janice Helen Porter

am receiving my
Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from
Miami School of Nursing
Class of 20xx

(add graduating details)

Soon... Nikka will be licensed to nurse your bo-boos,
and other aches and pains from your head to your toes.

You are cordially invited to attend the Graduation of

Nikka Porter

as she receives her Associates of Science Degree
in Nursing from the University of Medicine.

Pinning Ceremony
Friday, May 16, 20xx
1:00 p.m.
Add Location Here
Street, City, State, Zip

Friday, May 16, 20xx
7:00 p.m.
Add Location Here
Street, City, State, Zip

"You treat a disease, you win, you lose.
You treat a person, I guarantee you, you'll win,
regardless of the outcome." - Patch Adams

She did it!
After many long hours of studying and sacrifice

Janice Marie Hardy

has received her
Master of Science in Nursing becoming a
Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

Please join us to celebrate this accomplishment
and catch-up with the new grad!
March 28, 20xx
at 4:00 p.m.
Your City Community Hall
City, State

RSVP to Susie @ 555.125.4567
by March 14th

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