ensure your announcements and invitations wording includes all the details for your special school graduation

Popular School Graduation Invitation Announcement Wordings for Specialty School Graduations

The biggest difference between school graduation announcement and invitation wordings and other school graduation milestone wording is the invitation cards should inclue the location of the graduating ceremony or party. Your customized announcing cards are a means of communication where the the person receiving them is informed that you will or have graduated. Conversely, the invitation cards serve as your official invitation to attend the graduating ceremony and celebration party. Although you should never request gifts, both forms of invitation announcement stationery cards usually results in gifts being sent to the graduate; therefore, you should be prepared to send thank you graduation note cards to those who gave a gift or attended your party. For lots of sample wordings for many different type graduations, browse the choices below.

Find Other School Graduation Invitation Announcement Wording Samples Below Cards

He cooked, braised, marinated,
sauted and baked his way to
become a graduate of the
Culinary Institute of Virginia

Please join us as
Chef Richard Thomas Brooks
graduates at the

Commencement Ceremony
(add graduating details)

As I graduate, an old journey ends
and a new one begins.
Please join me,

Shelia Anne Porter

as I graduate from
Freemont Technical University
with a diploma in Veterinary Assistant

(add graduating details)

We've been waiting for
the time to take off our hats
and throw them up in the air -
The time has come!

Please join us in honor of
Anne Marie's Graduation from

St. Mary's Nursing School
as a Nurse Assistant

We would like to invite you
to a Reception at

(add graduating details)

Hats off to Charlie
for a job well done...

It is with great pleasure
that we announce that our son

Charlie Wayne Porter

is a candidate for the degree of
Doctorate of Internal Medicine
from Yale Medical School

Please join us at the Commencement

(add graduating details)

Our little Megan is all grown
She is now moving out on her own
We are proud to announce
the graduation of

Megan Rene Porter

from Georgia State Vo-Tech
with a Diploma in Office Management

Please join us to celebrate her accomplishment

(add graduating details)

Every yesterday is a memory of dreams
Every tomorrow is a vision of hopes
Please share in our joy as our son,

Harry Wayne Porter

Graduates as an IT Specialist
from Miller Vocational College

(add graduating details)

Let's get together and toast the Grads,
after two years we're more than glad!
Accomplishments like this deserve some praise,
so to the graduates, our glasses we raise!
Please join us for a

Graduation Party in honor of

Thomas Wayne Porter

who is graduating from

(add graduating details)

With the passing of time
we have acquired knowledge
understanding, and friendship.
With the help of many we are
prepared to meet tomorrow's challenges

Please join us to celebrate
he graduation of our daughter,

Patti Rene Porter

Patti graduated from

(add graduating details)

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Preparing School Graduation Announcement Wordings for Other School

One of our most popular lawyer announcement icon is two scales in balance, representing the objectivity of law in weighing opposing claims. Another much purchased image is that of Lady Justice, a blindfolded goddess who holds a sword and scales, both of which you will find among the dozens of announcements on our website. The sword represents the compelling power of the court. While ordering your stationery cards, be sure and take advantage of our free shipping to save you money.

Custom Medical School Graduate Invitation and Symbols for the Med Grads

Ideally, the med school graduating invitation you order from us should have medical icons and images on them. One of our most popular symbols is the Caduceus, a symbol used since the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to represent those practicing different types of medical arts. The Caduceus is an image of a staff with wings spread out at the top of the staff. As you are adding this icon to your invitations announcements, you can also your own creative wording, typestyle, fonts and ink color to make it truly your own.

Other graduating stationery available on our website includes:

  • Computer Informational Systems
  • Computer Sciecne
  • Day Care Management
  • General Educational Development (GED)
  • Law School
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical School
  • Office Management
  • Pharmacy
  • Phlebotomy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Special Education
  • Technical (Tech) School
  • Trade Schools
  • Veterinary
  • Vocational (Voc-Tech) School
  • And, All Other Type Graduation

However, if you are unable to find your special graduating design, just give us a call, and we will be happy to create just what you want, without delays and usually without additional cost to you.

School Graduation Invitations Wording for Medical School and More

Family members or friends who host the graduate's party should be careful about the wordings. They need to be sure to include all of the necessary information, possibly even a map to the location. Graduate party invite wordings should include the party's theme, and, of course, the date, time, and place. You'll also want to include in the school graduation announcement wordings if dinner will be served or if there are any special events the invitees will need to be prepared for, like a pool party.