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Graduating from medical, law school, or any other specialty educational facility is a truly impressive accomplishment and is an ideal time to send your custom law school graduation announcements invitations. Those who are about to graduate from medical school will probably want to order professionally printed med school graduating invitation announcement cards. You'll find hundreds of appropriate professional designs that can be easily added to your customized announcement invitation stationery cards at Plus, you always get 10 free cards with your order. Click here for large selection of school invite and announcing cards wordings, sayings, and verse ideas.

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Graduation Announcement Invitation for Special Education

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Voc-Tech Graduating Invitation Announcements Cards

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GED General Educational Development Graduating Cards

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School Day Care Management Graduation Announcements

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Her Graduating Announcements Invitations

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Day Care Management Graduating Announcements

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Office Administration Management Graduating Cards

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Trade School Graduation Announcement and Invitation Cards

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Technical Vocational School Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards

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Beauty School Graduation Announcements

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Blue Hats Galore School Graduation Announcements and Invitations

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Maroon Hats Galore School Graduation Announcements and Invitations

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School Grad Announcements Invitations

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Congratulation Announcements for School Graduates

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Graduation Class School Invitations

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Inexpensive Law School Graduating Announcement Designs

One of our most popular lawyer announcement icon is two scales in balance, representing the objectivity of law in weighing opposing claims. Another much purchased image is that of Lady Justice, a blindfolded goddess who holds a sword and scales, both of which you will find among the dozens of announcements on our website. The sword represents the compelling power of the court. While ordering your stationery cards, be sure and take advantage of our free shipping to save you money.

Custom Medical School Graduate Invitation and Symbols for the Med Grads

Ideally, the med school graduating invitation you order from us should have medical icons and images on them. One of our most popular symbols is the Caduceus, a symbol used since the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to represent those practicing different types of medical arts. The Caduceus is an image of a staff with wings spread out at the top of the staff. As you are adding this icon to your invitations announcements, you can also your own creative wording, typestyle, fonts and ink color to make it truly your own.

Other graduating stationery available on our website includes:

  • Computer Informational Systems
  • Computer Sciecne
  • Day Care Management
  • General Educational Development (GED)
  • Law School
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical School
  • Office Management
  • Pharmacy
  • Phlebotomy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Special Education
  • Technical (Tech) School
  • Trade Schools
  • Veterinary
  • Vocational (Voc-Tech) School
  • And, All Other Type Graduation

However, if you are unable to find your special graduating design, just give us a call, and we will be happy to create just what you want, without delays and usually without additional cost to you.

Whether you are a grad from a technical trade school up to your med or law college education, you will find hundreds of printable law school graduation announcements and any other graduating invite announcing stationery on our websites.

Enjoy Same Day Print & Ship for Your Med School Graduate Invitations