ensure your custom graduation invitations announcements cards are totally personalized with your personal features

Add Personal Words and Features to Personalize Your Graduate Announcements Invitations

We offer a totally exceptional, one-of-a-kind, and modern technology that enables you to add your personalized embellishment features and then preview what your school graduation announcement invitation card before paying for your order. What better way to know what you are getting before you pay your hard earned money? After you select the graduation invitation announcement card design you like, just press the 'Click to Personalize'. You will proceed to the page where you can enter your personalized graduate invitation announcement wordings, fonts, type style, and other options. After adding these unique features, proceed by pressing the

'Click Here to Preview Personalization and Continue With Order'

If you are not 100% satisfied with how your personalization looks, not to worry, as you can change the typestyle (or font), the size of the font, the ink color, and even rearrange your graduation wording. Then, simply click 'Preview Personalization' and you will be able to see the changes you just made. Still not satisfied? Change it again by repeating the same process! You can change it as many times as you like. Once you are totally satisfied with the appearance of your graduating announcement invitation card, you will need to do a couple of things:

  • add your initials to the proof option you prefer; and
  • then click 'Continue With Order'

NOTE: While on this page and the next, you will see an 'Additional Comments' box that can be used for adding any additional requests or comments to us for processing your order. Typical comments / requests might be to Use a Different Color for the Name, Bold the Name, and so on. You will then advance to the page where you can add the quantity you want, plus other accessories like envelope imprinting, thank you cards, RSVP, and more.

We are the only graduation site where you can you enter your wordings in the manner, sequence, fonts, typestyle, color and/or placement YOU choose. This is our continuing efforts to ensure we remain your one stop for all your school graduation invitations and announcements stationary cards. If you would like to have one of our professional graphic artists customize your card for you, just call us on our toll free number, (866) 733-0247, and we will be thrilled to assist you with your personalization or even do the customizing for you. Either way, we guarantee your graduating invites and announcing cards will look totally unique.

We are very proud and happy to share our exciting and advanced technology, but, as with any computer program, we are always striving to make improvements in it. If there are any elements that you want changed, but are unable to, simply give us a call or enter your request into the 'additional comments' box. Typical requests include comments such as, 'make all text black, but the name pink', or 'please make the person's name larger than the rest of the text' etc. We can accommodate those types of requests using the software we have.