Read About the Tradition of Tossing of Graduation Hats

Celebrating with Tossing Your Graduation Hats Tradition

The visual image of tossing your graduation hats tradition is one many think of first when they hear the word "graduation". This is primarily from more movies and minds than the actual event in graduation ceremonies. The further traditions of graduate hat tossing are remembered by many who have endured the efforts, time, and energy to reach the end of their particular educational milestone.

Most of the graduating class keep their cap and gowns as a keepsake of the day they moved forward in life. But, to some, the cap tossing moment is the time they have been waiting for as their last final "hurray" moment signifying the end of that particular educational journey, Graduation. Some laugh and some cry as it is an emotional day of happiness, and, at the same time, sadness for the past and the unknown future. But, above all, during the entire ceremony, the each school graduate should be mindful of and practice proper school graduating etiquette.

Custom Ceremony Invitations with Graduation Hats Tossing

Photograph your graduate tossing his hat and use that for creating a graduation announcements hat tossing stationery. If your grad doesn't want to pose, an suitable replacement idea might be to have a favorite stuffed animal or even the family cat or dog wearing the cap and tassel can create a cute and unique announcement or invitation theme. Though it would be much harder to duplicate the tossing of the hat photo op with a pet, if you or a friend knows how to use popular photo editing programs, it can be done? After all, wouldn't it be a site capturing a photo of Fido enjoying a graduation hat tossing moment that will make family and friend laugh and smile for years to come.

Yes to Graduation Tossing Hats but . . . .

When it comes to the ultimate decision of whether you are going to toss your graduate hat or not, it's not something that you have to do. Females especially will want to think about this and make a decision before they decide to use several hair pins to hold down the hat. The last thing you or your graduate wants when they come to that moment is to forget about the hair pins. This might be a comical moment for family videos, but probably not how your grad wants to be remembered when thinking about the tossing your graduation hats tradition.