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The Mi 7, xiaomi is sure to follow up the Mi 6, Mix 2 And Mi Note 3 with
asimilarly premium model in 2018.Sofar we don’t know much about it – and
that’s no surprise since it probablywon’t be announced.




we hope Xiaomi makes for its next flagship Kiler …because, let’s be
honest,there’s always room to improve.



Xie invited Xiaomi 9 is the first 855 processor flagship phone released
on the 20th of this month. Compared with last year’s flagship mobile
phone upgrade, the selling points are: 855 processor, fifth-generation
off-screen fingerprint, superlinear sound cavity, Now fourth in imaging
quality, 20-watt wireless charging, 27-watt fast charging and new
features such as ai independent keystrokes. The deficiency is the
battery 3300, which is said to be optimized for battery life. Before
Xiaomi 9 release, Xiaomi high level already propagandized the momentum,
and the spokesman Wang Yuan’s fan plus the coal body’s fermentation, may
say the mesh.

Cutto the chase

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Therearen’t any release date rumors but Xiaomi tends to stick to a
schedule with itsphone launches, which means we’ll probably see the Mi 7
in 2018.




Wedon’t know what the price will be yet but it’s a safe bet that the Mi
7willcost a lot. The Mi 7 starts at $380, 2500 yuan.Xiaomi always
releasing a phone with many of thebestfeatures at a lower
price,alongside a premium model.




Rumorsfrom earlier this year suggested the Mi 7 would be one of the
first phones tobe powered by the Snapdragon 845. We don’t know a lot
about Xiaomi’s upcomingflagship, but it is expected to feature a
6.0-inch Samsung-made display withthin bezels, and be available with 6GB
and 8GB of RAM. Xiaomi is likely tounveil the device at Mobile World


Accordingto supply chain insiders quoted by MyDrivers, the Xiaomi Mi 7
is envisioned asa top-shelf 6-inch trend follower with a 2:1 aspect
ratio and razor-thin screenbezels.Thatextra-large OLED panel would be a
departure from both the 5.15-inch and5.99-inch IPS LCDs on the Mi 6 and
Mi MIX 2, with Samsung at the top of themanufacturers’ candidate
list.Arear-mounted fingerprint reader is reportedly “certain”, as the
technology toembed the biometric sensor into the display still needs
time to mature. Thesame goes for 3D facial recognition, which Xiaomi
will consider adopting downthe line.


Nonetheless,the Mi 7 is shaping up like an absolute beast, Snapdragon
845 processing power,6GB RAM, dual 16MP rear cameras and all. The
next-gen flagship could evenintegrate wireless charging, and improve the
aperture of its two main shootersto f/1.7 in addition to megapixel


Whilewe don’t yet know much about theMi 7 we have a good idea of what we
want fromit and the following things top our list.


  1. A lower price
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